[NX] Nexon Looking At US$10 Billion For IPO

I knew that Nexon’s initial public offering (IPO) that will take place next year would be huge, but I didn’t expect it to be this big. Nexon is looking at an IPO of over US$10 billion when the company goes public in Japan in 2012. This will be one of the world’s largest IPOs. And everyone thought that Zynga’s recent IPO of US$1 billion was big.

Nexon is a 17 year old Korean gaming company with over 1.14 billion registered users worldwide and 2011 revenues are expected to surpass $1 billion as Nexon becomes the first Korean gaming company to hit 1 trillion won in revenue.

You can read some more here.


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  1. I didn’t understand anyof that because i don’t understand what an ipo is

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