[KG] Brief Analysis on the Development Strategies of Korean Big Six

I’ve always heard of the Korean Big Five: Nexon, NHN, NCSoft, Neowiz and CJ E&M, but it seems that Blizzard Korea has joined the pack, making it the Korean Big Six of Nexon, NHN, NCSoft, Neowiz, CJ E&M and Blizzard Korea.

From mmosite

Nexon, NCsoft, Neowiz Games, NHN Hangame, CJ E&M Netmarble and Blizzard Entertainment Korea are regarded as the six most powerful online-game companies in Korea, often called Big Six for short. All of them have played very important roles concerning the development of Korean MMO industry. However, as market changes, what are these Big Six going to react facing the fact that the newly-born Korean game rating and restriction policy goes into effect, more and more adult-only games prevail in the market, and a great many blockbusters will come out in the next half of this year? Following are some highlights of our analysis on their different strategies.

Nexon: Creating an entertainment kingdom by enlarging overseas markets and building up multi-platforms

Nexon will continue focusing on entering into overseas markets in this second half of this year and will start up its multi-platform development plan at the same time. Of course, it will also challenge the goal of becoming the first Korean online-game company who can succeed in making one-trillion-KRW profit.

NHN Hangame: Reducing speculative investment

The major strategies NHN Hangame sets for the second half include promoting its online board games, improving its websites, such as Playnet, and breaking into the market of smartphone-based games.

First of all, TERA and Ya9 will be the two works that NHN emphasizes on. Besides, some other sport -themed and role-playing MMOs will come out.

Neowiz: Expanding market by promoting and developing new games

Neowiz has set its objective as “to be the No.1 MMO developer” in Korea, and will, on the premise of consolidating domestic market, do their best to compete with others in the international market.

In order to achieve this goal, Neowiz has worked out a series of plans to increase its global competitiveness, enhance independent R&D capacity, value IP property, as well as implement the company’s social responsibility. These strategies are not only to make sure its five new MMOs launch successfully in the second half of the year but also to help it become the leader in Korean online-game industry in the next 10 years.

In addition to those strategies mentioned above, Neowiz has also recently demonstrated its idea of creating a comprehensive game lineup by involving in the area of online card games and board games.

CJ E&M Netmarble: Focusing on independent R&D and overseas markets

CJ E&M Netmarble will release dozens of new MMOs in the second half of this year, most of which will support its game-export strategy.

Ever since its internal reorganization in March, during which six subsidiaries were merged into one, CJ E&M’s performance has become an public interest. What it can achieve in the first year after reorganization also deserves attention.

NCsoft: Asia or US&Europe market? Not one less.

As an expert of MMORPG developer, NCsoft will release Blade & Soul, as well as Guild Wars 2 to get a foothold as the boss in MMORPG industry in the second half of this year.

What’s more, in the second half, NCsoft will also take part in the public welfare and social service to realize its slogan “make people happier” both in virtual space and real life.


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