[GMS] >>>>>!!!!!~~~~~*****HOT TIME ALERT*****~~~~~!!!!!<<<<<

Hot Time has come and gone. SP Reset Scroll and 5 fame. I wanted the medal :(.

Get ready forrrrr HOT TIME.

Saturday, July 9
2:30 PM Pacific
3:30PM Mountain
4:30PM Central
5:30PM Eastern
9:30PM GMT
10:30PM British Summer Time
Sunday, July 10 – 5:30AM in Beijing
Sunday, July 10 – 6:30AM in Tokyo and Seoul
Sunday, July 10 – 5:30AM in Western Australia
Sunday, July 10 – 7:00AM Northern Territory and Southern Australia
Sunday, July 10 – 7:30AM in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria
Sunday, July 10 – 9:30AM in New Zealand

Summer’s heating up and Hot Time is back in MapleStory! This Saturday, July 9, all Maplers that are logged in from 2:30 PM – 2:31 PM Pacific will receive the following items — guaranteed!*

You have a 100% chance to receive both a complete
SP Reset Scroll and an Unidentified Love Letter
You also have the chance to get any one of these additional items:

I’m a Lucky Guy Medal
10 Owls of Minerva
Chalkboard (7 Days)
Aura Ring (7 Days)
11 Hearty Party Bears
5 Wheels of Destiny
3 Safety Charms (7 Days)
10 Miu Miu the Traveling Merchant
Summer Store Permit (30 Days)
Hourglass (7 Days)
Face Coupon (REG)
One-Time Cosmetic Lens – All Colors
Blue-Hearted Quote Ring
Pink-Hearted Quote Ring
Kitty Quote Ring
Scoreboard Quote Ring
Chocolate Label Ring (30 Day)
Blue-Ribboned Label Ring (30 Day)
Pink-Ribboned Label Ring (30 Day)
Pink Candy Label Ring (30 Day)
5 Megaphones
5 VIP Teleport Rocks
Assorted Potions
Assorted Scrolls

Make sure you’re logged in this Saturday July 9 at 2:30 PM Pacific (5:30 PM Eastern) to receive your reward!

Log In Early and Earn Extra!

Be sure to arrive early and stick around to take advantage of our 2x EXP and Drop event!

July 9, 2011 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM Pacific (5:00 PM – 7:00 PM Eastern)

*Some restrictions apply to Hot Time. In order to participate, you must:
– Have a character that is level 13 or above.
– Have space in your inventory to receive the item.
– Be logged in for the whole minute from 2:30 PM – 2:31 PM Pacific.
– Be in the main map of a town or hunting map that is regularly accessible.
– Make sure your character is alive.

Moments before Hot Time and until Hot Time is past, please do not engage in any activity – simply relax!
– Do not change channels.
– Do not engage in any quests.
– Do not enter the Cash Shop or MTS.
– Do not talk to any NPCs or use Gachapon.
– Do not use your inventory or storage.
– Do not manage your wedding wish list.
– Do not enter a mini-dungeon.
– Do not use a ship or other timed method of transit between locations.


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  1. Ah, don’t know if I’ll be able to get on Saturday. =/

  2. dang it, I have to work atthe MC DOnalds from 1800 (6 pm) – 0200 (2 am) .. and hot time for me in the netherlands is at 2330 (11:30 pm)

  3. This isn’t exactly what I wanted to hear, two people already saying they can’t attend. Robbin tell McDonald’s that it’s fat and… you have to work in the middle of the night? O.O”
    And cujo I don’t care what plan you already have they can wait. HOT TIME IS MORE IMPORTANT (unless it’s life or death).

  4. msupdate :
    This isn’t exactly what I wanted to hear, two people already saying they can’t attend. Robbin tell McDonald’s that it’s fat and… you have to work in the middle of the night? O.O”
    And cujo I don’t care what plan you already have they can wait. HOT TIME IS MORE IMPORTANT (unless it’s life or death).

    Tell Mcdonalds they are fat … what o_0
    But uhm .. yeah gotta work from 1800-0200. This is only my 4th day working there. I don’t like working that late either, but I think I just have to suck it up …. HOpefully my lil bro will do the hot time for me, he said he would do that, since my dad would be gone and he will be home alone, he said he would do the hot time at 11:30 for me xD

  5. Lionheart365

    I won 6 fame (lost 1 during 2x event. Lol) and a 60% scroll for accessory for dex 2

  6. msupdate :
    Cool . I hope he gets to do it. Good luck working in the middle of the night.

    just got back .. I could go home 1 hour earlier … YAY, 1 hour = 4,36 euro .. So i prefer to be 1 hour home osoner than to get 4 euro -,- But yeah .. I fell asleep at 3:30 am .. now its 11:18 am and i gota work again at 5 pm – 10 pm … But I will be fine, my lil bro said he did the thingy for me … I got a sp reset scroll and a love letter wich gave 4 fame … This . Event .. SUCKED BALLS !!

  7. msupdate :

    gargareafesrf %^$^R$^&&^^& I wanted the lucky guy medal .. for my 108 cb .. on what char did you get it, what lvl and job ?

  8. msupdate :
    I didn’t say I got the medal. Just said I got one more fame than you O.O.

    Did i say you got it … I just stated I wanted it xD I raged casue you got more fame xD
    Hye, I love the proffesion system .. I could get 6 mining mules ,,, but thats to much boringness for me … so i stick with 2 mules, and dont touch the rest xD got a herbalist, blacksmith and jeweldude now + 2 mining mules.. I just created a lv 40 +1str belt with +4% str and +2% magic def =D !!

  9. msupdate :
    Cool. I haven’t even gotten to do anything because I kept being d/c’d by dc hackers. Maybe later.

    Oopps that’s me .. srry I tought you liked getting DC’ed .. JK xD
    stupid thing is, I spend over 12 oricalcum plates, 12 basic monster crystals and like a total of 100 fagitue spread over all my chars, making shoes for my warrior, only to realise I have been making bowmen shoes thoe whole time ! I was suprised why lv 50 shoes for warrior would give +3 str .. and it had a nice 2% str T_T

  10. msupdate :

    shut it, I have seriously been busy with those shoes for 3 hours … only to realise that it were bowmen shoes -,- .. after 3 more hours today I finaly for some 2% str lv 50 shoes …. and I dark scroll 70% ‘ed my 4% str lv 40 belt once .. now it gives +3 str . (for the record, I normaly never scroll, I’m to scared, so this is something really big for me)

  11. msupdate :
    -F3- Next you’ll create rare level 1 shoes which add 5 attack and 10 magic attack and 10 to each stat.

    I wish ……. but remember, you acn only create 40+ equips … F7 … but I understand what you meant Zach 😉

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