My Active GlobalMS Characters

My Beran characters and my Beran MapleStory life on a whole has been retired, at least until Mercedes hit GlobalMS, which I predict will be December, January, March or April. So for now I’ll be active in SCANIA, my home world. If you want to contact me, you can do so on the following characters:

PrecisaTiro - Level 60 Wild Hunter

MechCo - Level 105 Mechanic

SwordCo - Level 86 Dawn Warrior

ShotCo - Level 14 Archer

I’m most active on my dawn warrior for now and I’ll update this as I level up… if I ever get around to leveling up. No, I’m not willing to train with anyone because I don’t train very often, but when I do train I train for a long time.

I’m also making a character in Chaos sometime this week and I’ll update this post when I do.


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  1. NOOOOO this post made me really sad T_T
    I ….. PLAY …. BERA.
    And gues what world you just stopped playing in… BERA !
    arg … crap

  2. Yooo come play in bello,lots of friendly people 8D ill help you with my Evan also (Level 122)

  3. Welcome to Scania 🙂

    • Well like I said “my home world”. I actually started my maple adventure in Scania. I’m approaching my 6th anniversary of playing on my own account actually.

      • Lionheart365

        WOOT. My 6th year of playing is this fall. I’ve been based in deme since it came out. It’s in a bad stage right now though. Just enough people to piss you off while training, but not enough to ever do PQs.

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