[WK] WonderKing Europe Closure Announced

WonderKing is a moderately successful 2D side-scrolling MMORPG that is, in some ways, similar to MapleStory. I had some really great times playing WonderKing through its North American servers but a lot has been going on with WonderKing all around the world recently including a huge legal dispute between the developer and publisher, a massive hacking outbreak, lack of game updates and a shrinking playerbase. Recently, the community has been really concerned that a closure of WonderKing worldwide was approaching, but this was settled by the North American team who said that the North American service does not plan to closing any time soon. Sadly, the European service of the game does not have such plans. WonderKing Europe publisher Bigpoint has announced that the game will close on July 31, 2011, ending the European service.

Goodbye WonderKing Europe. WonderKing Europe players are free to join the Europe MapleStory community :).


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  1. SO, they aren’t allowed to transfer their account ot the global version … that sucks. IF EMS shuts down, or any other version of any other game, I think that the publishers MUST, and I mean MUST give the players an opportunerty to play the game, and transfer the account data to a still working version !

    • I doubt it. If this were to happen, I’m sure the IP block will be removed allowing them to play GMS, but it’s highly unlikely that any account transfers would take place since each service of the game has unique content, items, events, etc.

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