This Month In Our Past: July

Coming Soon…


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  1. lol coming soon … GIVE IT NOQW

  2. Mabinogi NA is in a very bad state. Hackers/Gold Farmers/Modders running around with lag and disconnection issues.

    • Yeah I heard and it doesn’t sound good =/. Several of my friends can’t even log on without d/cing and the official forums are packed with talk about the hacks. I hope Nexon gets deals with the situation quickly and appropriately. GO NEXON!

  3. Well whatrealy happend in the past july is
    1 there wa my birthday
    2 there was mybirthday
    and 3 tere was…..DUAL BLADE.but more importantly y birthday ;D hin hint nudgenudge

  4. skullowl :
    July 8th 8D

    don’t you mean, there IS, was and Will always be my b-day.
    early (or 1 year late, depends on how you look at it) happy b-day

  5. skullowl :
    Yes,and thankyou

    Not a problem, not a problem

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