[NXNA] What’s With Nexon?

I don’t understand something. I’m not the type of person who blames Nexon for every thing that doesn’t go perfectly. Unlike the majority of the community I applaud Nexon for the improvements that they have made over the past several years and don’t curse them because they aren’t perfect. I thank them for their hard work on all of their games for over six years. I blame hackers before I blame Nexon and sympathize with them when an update or maintenance is extended, because I think of the workers who have to sit there for how many hours working on the games we sit and enjoy. Maybe this is all because I work in the gaming industry and can relate. But really, I want to know if there is something wrong with Nexon. When I say ‘something wrong with Nexon’, I don’t necessarily mean something that Nexon is doing wrong, but that something is just generally wrong.

All Nexon games ever including closed/transferred ones such as Audition have experienced large amounts of hacking. MAYBE Kart Rider and Sugar Rush which never left beta phase, and iTCG which was a simple browser game can be excluded. Hacking is a hard issue to deal with, it’s like crime. It can’t be eliminated completely from any game, but actions can be taken to reduce it to acceptable levels. Unfortunately, Nexon game hacking levels are currently unacceptable.

It’s hard for Nexon. Their games are some of the most popular in North America. When you’re being attacked by so many hackers at once, it’s hard to keep up. But how does Riot Games do it? League of Legends from Riot Games is probably the most popular game in North America right now. It’s free-to-play. The hacking is there, you can see it, but it’s definitely acceptable.
Another example is Cross Fire from Z8Games. Cross Fire is likely the most popular shooter in the world due to its American and Chinese success. It’s really popular and, like League of Legends, you can clearly see hacking, but the hacking is acceptable.
Silkroad Online from Joymax, Battle of the Immortals and Forsaken World from Perfect World Entertainment, Luna Online and Flyff from Gala-Net (GPotato), A.V.A. and GunZ from NHN (ijji). For all of those the hackers can be seen but they’re kept down by the game’s publisher.

So what’s wrong with Nexon? Why are they unable to reduce the number of hackers terrorizing their games? It’s not like it’s one or two of their games, it’s all of them. Every. Single. One. All I can do is wish Nexon good luck in their fight again those demons we call hackers.

Zach is sad :(. I think I’ll quit MS for tonight.

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  1. MapleStory:
    – Wizet built the client to have the most minimal amount of effects to the server, reducing server costs, but this just allow more game breaking hacks to surface.
    – Instability game-wise; hacks roam around every patch (not the small ones, there is a big one almost every patch since Big Bang)
    – Unstable game servers, unable to maintain servers properly
    – HackShield is VERY similar to GameGuard in terms of protection
    – Hacking prevention measures need to be implemented as quick as possible
    – Adding content but never fixes (Combat Arms had a patch where it was complete bug fixing; and this one was actually scheduled and was the monthly patch, not an immediate followup of the previous patch)

    – Failed to stop lag, huge amounts of players are quitting.
    – Keeps adding content but never fixes.
    – Gold farmers, hacks roaming around the servers.

    Combat Arms:
    – Hacks. Acceptable, since I don’t see it when I play but I do hear a lot of people complain about it here.

    Dungeon Fighter Online:
    – 30 Hours of downtime in 2 days? But other than that, I think they are running this game fine.

    – Lag in instanced dungeons. Need an actual dedicated server hosted from Nexon to host these games instead of the local area connection.

    – I expect to see more game shutdowns in the future.

    Atlantica Online:
    – Not familiar with this game-

    Their money cash cow could see the end of its path pretty soon in my opinion, the hacks just need to get down a new minimum. Unlike Nexon Europe, they should be patching the hacks quicker as I imagine they have a MUCH larger development team.

    • I actually think that the problem with MapleStory is not the servers themselves. Back during one of the Hot Time events, MapleStory servers went through one of their biggest tests ever: 136,000 simultaneous users. IMO, the servers more then passed with no crashes and the lag was bearable. I agree with everything else you said.

      I’ve never experienced unbearable lag in Mabinogi, but maybe that’s just me and Nexon has bug fixes quite often. But yes, the gold farmers are unacceptable. And its not like they can hide it. It’s so obvious, why can’t Nexon ban them? -_-

      I don’t think the hacks in Combat Arms are yet acceptable, but they are improving. A year ago I couldn’t play the game. Today I can enjoy the game as long as I avoid the hackers :).

      Well the 30 hour downtime in DFO is a different case. This was an actually scheduled update that did more than just add content, it went into the core of the game. It was extended, but the job was done.

      You’re completely right here. A cheap tactic by Nexon IMO. This is 2011, peer to peer isn’t acceptable anymore.

      Nah, I wouldn’t say many more shutdown will come soon, at least not for Nexon’s current games. Apart from Kart Rider, I could have predicted that the game would go under before it did. Their are games that will do well here in North America and there are those who don’t and Nexon has made a few bad decisions in which games to publish. Those are the games that were closed. Their current games are quite strong. If only they’d bring back Kart Rider now.

      MS isn’t going anywhere for years. I think people are underestimating the popularity of this game. We remain one of the most active games out there and are just getting more popular as every time a major update is released, we break our own simultaneous user record.

  2. CHEATERS find a new hack, download it and use it.
    Nexon gets reports of hacking, but they need alot of reports to know for sure it’s hacking.
    Nexon looks for a way to stop the hacking.
    Nexon succeeds.
    Hackers look for ways to hack again.
    Hackerst find a new way and release it.
    Cheaters use those hacks and it all starts over again.
    Don’t go and call them hackers. Everyone can just follow steps that are in a hacking guide.
    The only people that are allowed to be called hackers are the people that go look in the code and create a hack. As the great Gunns4Hire would say : Don’t call them hackers, you are giving them way to much credit.

  3. Lionheart365

    I not know if it’s any different, but games like halo have almost no hackers, if any at all.

  4. Lionheart365 :
    I not know if it’s any different, but games like halo have almost no hackers, if any at all.

    Hacking in a console is different than PC. PC has special coding for “easy hacking”. Console has some other coding wich is harder to crack. plus, if you are hacking something on a PC, you can run different programs, like hacking tools, while with a console you have to either connect it to a PC, or use it all on a USB-stick with the hack tools on it. A console has a set menu wich can’t be altered, a PC has a mene that can be altered by added stuff to the desktop, removing some, choosing WHAT you want to add, choosing what you want to place where. THeme change, you name it.
    From what I heard, a PS3 has the same coding as a PC, that’s why it was so easy for people to hack us. A 360 has different coding, but it takes people just some more time to crack it.
    Remember, hacking on PC gives way more benefits, since you can use the internet to get secret information from people, or hack company’s / games. On console you can only hack credit card information and hack a certain game e.g. HALO to play it with benefits like Godmode or super jump.

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