[GMS] Unscheduled Server Maintenance – Free SP Resets For Everyone

Update 4: The maintenance has been completed as of 11:35PM Pacific (2:35AM Eastern) and the game is now open including the all new server of Chaos.

Update 3: The maintenance has been extended for an additional hour and it is now expected to end at 00:00 Pacific (3:00AM Eastern).

Update 2: The maintenance is now estimated to end at 11:00PM Pacific (2:00AM Eastern). Nexon has highlighted the issues that are currently known but will not be addressed during this maintenance.

Update: More information on updates during the maintenance has been added. An ETA is not yet available.

Global MapleStory is currently offline for an unscheduled maintenance. No estimated time has yet been given for when the game will be brought back online. Keep posted for updates.

-New World: Chaos

Big Fixes

-Hoblin King PQ EXP Exploit Resolved
-Summer Boom Up EXP Issue Resolved
-CvP Waiting Room Character Sticking Resolved
-SP Resets to be distributed to all classes affected by the rebalance (Aran, Evan, Dual Blade)
-SP Resets to be distributed to everyone else for compensation for the downtime (lol.)
-Persian Cats will not be not expired after being gifted and expired Persian Cats will be revived
-Dual Blades created through the Jump Start event will now be able to enter the Secret Garden and receive skill books for 2+ through 3+
-VIP One-Handed Axes will no longer display data from the Xerxes’s Mikhail
-Evans created through the Jumpstart method will be able to leave their tutorial area after entering it

SP Reset Scroll Details

-Nexon will be distributing full SP Reset Scrolls to characters of all jobs that were affected by a balance change.
-Full SP Reset Scrolls will also be distributed to characters of other jobs to apologize for the down time.
-SP Reset Scrolls will be given to all characters who log in from June 29 to July 6.
-One SP Reset Scroll will be given per character.
-These SP Reset Scrolls will be untradeable, and will expire after three days.
-For those with no room in the inventory, a message will appear saying that it will be given at the next login.

Known Issues

-The issue of Law Officer mount not being available in the skill inventory will have to be resolved in a future patch, currently scheduled for 08.10.2011. For now, when using the coupon for the skill, the coupon will be returned to your item inventory. With this being a time-limited skill, stay tuned for updates.
-The issue with sitting on the Cake Chair will have to be resolved in a future patch, currently scheduled for 08.10.2011.


There has been a concern that the Phantom Blow Skill Book was not given to Dual Blades. As with other skill books, it must be obtained from monster drops. Please hunt Zakum or Chaos Zakum to find it. <Sucks


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  1. msupdate :
    Estimated Time of Arrival.

    kay .. It’s good that this unscheduled maintance appeared, now we will all get a free sp reset scroll, and NOT HOT TIME !! yay no lagg fest and me having to wake up at 4 am in the morning just to get a free scroll (never did that tho). Now I can change my skill on my Cb or just mess around on my other chars. What I dont like is that they expire in a couple days .. But beggers can’t be choosers right 😉 I just gotta take it the way it is and be happy with it.
    Thanks Nexon !

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