Public Service Announcement

Robbin is awesome NOT AWESOME for choosing not to make a cleric on Dragon Nest.

JK! Robbin is awesome and I’ll be proving to him that clerics are supreme when we PvP.

Also, who remembers the day Tiger was dethroned?


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  1. Time to hack your website again and change it in Robbin is awsome, Zach is noob 😉

    Thanks zach ;p

  2. oooh just saying, passing your security was really easy, I just opened my program, put in your site, and when it asked for a password I just typed in the only logical password : clerics !

  3. msupdate :
    F3. Good password guess . But trust me, you can never guess my real password .

    Hmm, the real password would be something you would NEVER tell anyone.
    Maybe on of your darkest secrets.
    there are 2 possible passwords :
    1. SecretNexonHater
    2. RobbinRocksMyWorld

    lol xD

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