[GMS v99] Chaos, Nova or Both?

Edit: I was right. Chaos server will be released with Age of Heroes. Nova will probably come with Age of Artisans or Age of Battle.

When GlobalMS had its last patch, two servers were added into the data: Chaos and Plana. Plana is likely just a place holder for the server being released during the Chaos updates, which will likely be Nova since Nova rose victorious in a recent poll in which players voted on which server they would like to come during the Chaos updates. But Nexon has never said in which Chaos update Nova server would come and Chaos server was added into the data and what better time is there to add Chaos server than in the Chaos updates?

My prediction: Chaos server will definitely be released in the first Chaos update. Nova will come with it if Nexon decides to open two worlds at the same time. If Nexon decides not to open two worlds at the same time, then Nova will come in the second or third Chaos update. But I haven’t predicted in a while so I’m a little shaky. We’ll just have to wait and see!


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  1. why keep opening new worlds when they will all end up dead. KMS doesnt have much dead servers because there are alot more KMS’ers than GMS’ers

    • Actually, I doubt KMS has more than double the number of players that GMS does but KMS has over four times the number of servers. I think the reason KMS doesn’t have as many dead servers is because of the server merges that have taken place over there in the past and the fact that players aren’t jumbling towards a few servers (like Scania, Bera, Broa and Windia in GMS). The number of servers in GMS isn’t what I think is the problem, its the distribution of players. We’re an extremely popular game. If the player distribution was perfect, I say we could have 20 servers now.

  2. yeah …. Shangri la !!!!

  3. MaplerOfDoom!

    Mind explaining to me why it’s so important to the people that Nova will be implemented to the game and not a different server?

    • You see with the majority of maplers anything that Nexon does that is not exactly what they expected is like the end of the world. Therefore, since the people assumed wrongly that Nova would be released and Nexon did not release Nova, they complain as if this will negatively affect their gameplay experience. In other words, people are stupid.

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