[MSU] Some Changes

Well I’ve been making and planning some changes to The Msupdate Blog. Some of them are obvious and some aren’t.

Background Change

The background has always changed to fit a major event happening in Global MapleStory or Nexon America. I was actually preparing to launch my BlockParty background but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Since the first chaos update, Age of Heroes, has been announced and has been confirmed for June 29, I’ve decided to change it to my Chaos background. If you want to see what the BlockParty background looks like, click here.

Chaos and Age of Heroes Logos

Chaos and Age of Heroes logos have been added to the sidebar. They link to the latest posts on each topic.

New “About” Page

The Msupdate Blog’s About page has been launched. Check it out to find out some basic information and even some growth statistics.


Msupdate’s First Semiannual Holiday Maple Exploration Event

Seven Maplers have the chance to win a share of 100,000 NX just for exploring Maple World and pressing the Scroll Lock key! Click here for more information.

Update of Chaos Predictions

My Chaos predictions have been updated to show the date confirmations. A date on when I think the exclusive content will be released will be added to the prediction page on June 29. To view the Chaos predictions and take a peek at my Jump! predictions, check out the Chaos and Jump! Predictions page.

Update of The Ultimate List of Free2Play MMOs

My massive list of free-to-play MMOs has been receiving a lot of viewers from search engines recently. This has motivated me to update the list more often and maybe even post it on certain online game fansite forums once it becomes more updated. The updates are coming soon! This list can be reached through my list of lists.


Links Page/Widget

I plan on making a list of my favorite sites and blogs to visit which relate to MapleStory, Nexon, etc. I haven’t decided yet whether to make it its own page or to just put the list in the sidebar. Anyway, you’ll see that being launched sometime next week.

Revival of The Msupdate Youtube

The Msupdate Youtube is being revived to be used as a place to upload videos such as trailers for use on The Msupdate Blog. I haven’t uploaded a video in 5 months but will start again. More information on this will be coming soon.

Don’t look forward to seeing footage of foreign MapleStory services being uploaded since I am strongly against playing foreign services of a game if there is already a service for your region unless the service for your region is unplayable due to hacking or other no-nos or has a terrible lack of updates. That’s why I can’t blame a EuropeMS or BrazilMS player for trying to play foreign services :).

Viewer Information & Nexon America’s Q3 2011 Approval Rating

Who exactly comes to The Msupdate Blog and what do they want to see? Oh, and how do they feel about the way that Nexon America is running their games? It’s time for me to find out (and report). Five lucky participants will be rewarded a share of 50,000 NX.

More on this will be revealed in July. The actual survey SHOULD take place from August 1-19 but this can change if I’m busy/forget.


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  1. Looking forward to these changes 😀

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