[BMS] 7 Months Without An Update

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This coming week will make seven months since Brazil MapleStory received its last update on November 24, 2010. Their last update included the Explorers’ Final Job Advancement, Leafre, PICs, Haunted House and Magatia. Before November 2010, their last update was in June 2010 when they received Amoria and the Wedding System.

I doubt that this lack of content is due to any dispute between publisher Level Up! Interactive and game developer Nexon since Nexon and Level Up! teamed up to take Combat Arms to Brazil more recently than November 2010 and Combat Arms Brazil is receiving updates quite well.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens to BrazilMS in the future. As with all MMOs, BrazilMS requires updates in order to keep its population up.


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  1. It’s because no one plays BMS. It’s just a waste of time for them to update.

    • No one plays BMS why that haven’t updates .
      Who wants play an game no haves nothing new ?

    • But it does have a dedicated community. Once the publisher remains committed to the game and there are no disputes that cause issues in the development of the game, it is my opinion that the game should be receiving updates. Unfortunately, I have learned/learnt (depending on type of English you speak) that Nexon has informed Level Up! Games that no updates are expected for BrazilMS in the near future :(. They’re probably just holding on to the game until the contract between the two companies expires so they can bring it down.

      • It’s true i agree with you.
        well, I hope that if it so, is best to close the BMS.
        So we brazilians can play other version with more content
        with this come more fun …

        hope closes this fast.
        and sorry my bad english .

  2. Hey MSupdate scince the test server is now closed do you have any idea where i can find my dragon nest SS’es cause i took like 7million and now i cant find them

  3. O.O You sure you haven’t uninstalled the beta client yet?

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