[NXFB] Combat Arms Surpasses MapleStory On FB Likes

Combat Arms, the popular first-person shooter has surpassed MapleStory, the highly successful 2D side-scrolling RPG and Nexon flagship on Facebook likes.

Nexon: 16,671 Likes
MapleStory: 543,169 Likes
Mabinogi: 68,748 Likes
Combat Arms: 543,683 Likes
Dungeon Fighter Online: 61,080 Likes
PopTag!: 19,771 Likes
Vindictus: 108,135 Likes
Atlantica: 111,451 Likes
Dragon Nest: 22,577 Likes
MapleStory Adventures: 6,846 Monthly Active Users

Total: 1,502,131


Posted on June 16, 2011, in Nexon Facebook. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. So, I guess we can safely say that Nexon is now known for Combat Arms?
    (In order of popularity)
    – Combat Arms
    – MapleStory
    – Atlantica
    – Vindictus
    – Mabinogi
    – DFO
    – Dragon Nest (this one is most likely to get boosted to the stars upon official release)
    – PopTag (this game is dead on July 14th)
    – MapleStory Adventures

    • Nah. I’d say Nexon is really still known for MapleStory followed by Vindictus and Combat Arms and likely Dragon Nest soon.

      • Ya. If you mention maplestory to a random group of people, at least 1 will usually know what it is. Combat arms is a lot less known.

        • Yeah. And I think one of the major reasons that MS’s Facebook likes is so low is because some people are ashamed to reveal to their social space that they play it. People rate MS on its graphics and label it a kids’ game and a game for nerds. Looking from the outside they don’t realize what you need to be successful in the game. A 16-25+ year old is much more likely to succeed in MS than a person under 15. It’s demanding. If people just did what is right and didn’t give a hoot about what anyone else thought then I’m sure MS would have many, many, many more likes.

          And when I say MS’s Facebook likes is so low, I don’t mean actually low. The only other F2P games that I know of that have more likes than MS are Combat Arms with 547k, Cross Fire with 693k and League of Legends with 1.2 million.

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