[DN] Welcome To Dragon Nest’s Closed Beta

After years of waiting, the closed beta of the North American service of Dragon Nest has gone live. Unfortunately, due to a busy week, I won’t be able to get much testing done :(.

If you’re wondering what class you should choose, go with the cleric. CLERICS! And remember, test. This isn’t about joy or fun. It’s about making the game bug free so test until your entire body bleeds. Good luck :).


Posted on June 15, 2011, in Dragon Nest, Nexon America. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. I’m bored — Random comment

  2. Zach, Robbin is sad 😥
    It has been confirmed that he 4th patch is the ice knight !
    GMS is so lame now -,- with the 4th patch being only the ice knight, I can easily see GMS do a D!CK move that will make the 5th patch only the visitor event …

    • Well KMS got the Ice Knights after everything else so it’s possible that many of the other services will too. The 5th patch being the return of the Visitors wouldn’t be a bad thing sine the majority is saying that they want it back.

  3. Yo MS ill be playing dragon nest today till like 7 whats your name and i know ur gunna be a cleric.

  4. Im prooaly gunna be a sorceress or an Archer at first or maybe a swordsmaster

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