[NXEU] What’s Going On At Nexon Europe?

The European publishing arm of Nexon Corporation, Nexon Europe, seems to be in some sort of trouble right now.  Many, many issues have arisen recently and are either not be addressed or are being addressed very slowly. I’m wondering if this has anything to do with Nexon Europe’s setting up of their Luxembourg offices.

Hacking in MapleStory

Europe MapleStory has reached an all time low as hackers are now aggressively attacking and Nexon has not responded how we would expect them to. The most noticeable hack is the enhancement hack which allows hackers to upgrade their items to have unbelievable stats. If Nexon really can’t figure out who needs to be banned then I just don’t know what the future of EMS will looks like.

Lack of Updates in Mabinogi Europe

Mabinogi Europe’s last update was on November 17, 2010, nearly 7 months ago. This has caused a dramatic decline in the playerbase and more players are likely to quit and take breaks soon as it doesn’t seem as if an update will come anytime soon.

Lack of Anything in Fantage Europe

Fantage is a casual playground-type game aimed at users below the age of 13 which Nexon Europe publishes. Fantage has actually be separated from the other Nexon Europe games in that it doesn’t appear on the Nexon Europe game portal. Not only had Fantage not received any updates in over two months, but Fantage users haven’t received anything. No notices, no events, no community updates, NOTHING. Poor little kids being neglected by their service provider.

Delay of Vindictus Europe By a Year. A YEAR.

Nexon America delayed the closed beta of Dragon Nest by about a month. We got a little impatient, but could handle it. Nexon Europe has delayed the closed beta of Vindictus by about a year. Kill. Me. Now. One of the most anticipated MMOs in history, Vindictus was originally expected to be released in Q4 2010 but Nexon has announced at E3 2011 that Vindictus Europe will be released in Q4 2011.

Right now the only Nexon Europe game that seems to be surviving in some way is Combat Arms, which is also likely Nexon Europe’s most popular game. I wish Nexon Europe success in the future and hope that they address all these issues quickly.


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  1. phew, thank god I haven’t been IP banned from Maplestory Global

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