[MSU] Msupdate’s First Semiannual Holiday Maple Exploration Event


This Summer the first ever Semiannual Holiday Maple Exploration Event will be held. 100,000 NX is up for grabs, all for just exploring Maple World and pressing your Scroll Lock key.

Find out what you have to do after the jump.

Maple World Towns

  1. Edelstein
  2. Ereve
  3. Rien
  4. Lith Harbor
  5. Henesys
  6. Utah’s Farm
  7. Ellinia
  8. Perion
  9. Kerning City
  10. Nautilus Harbor
  11. Sleepywood
  12. Florina Beach
  13. Orbis
  14. El Nath
  15. Aquarium
  16. Ludibrium Castle
  17. Omega Sector
  18. Korean Folk Town
  19. Leafre
  20. Mu Lung
  21. Herb Town
  22. Ariant
  23. Magatia
  24. Altair Camp (Ellin Forest)
  25. New Leaf City
  26. Mushroom Shrine
  27. Showa
  28. CBD
  29. Trend Zone Metropolis

What You Have To Do, Rules and Prizes

  • Travel to as many towns listed above as you can and take a screenshot as proof. You don’t have to go to all, but you have a higher chance of winning the more towns you go to.
  • This screenshot doesn’t have to be a new one, it can be from the past but must be a screenshot of the town after the Big Bang update.
  • In all screenshots the minimap must be partially or fully maximized, not minimized and must not be in Simple minimap mode.
  • In the screen shot you must either capture at least one other character or fully extend your chat box. Your character must also be fully displayed and not be blocked, even partially. I have my reasons for this.
  • Once all of your screenshots have filled the above requirements you will be eligible for the prizes.
  • There will be two winners of 25,000 NX and five winners of 10,000. Winners will be selected randomly based on the number of towns they visited. More towns visited gives you a higher chance of selection for prizes. For example, if ten people submitted the maximum 29 screenshots then the seven winners will be selected from those ten people. However, if only three people submit 29 screenshots and six more submit 28 then the three who submitted 29 will automatically qualify for prizes since they submitted the most and the remaining four prizes will go to four random people who submitted 28.
  • Attach your pictures to an email or two or three if you have many screenshots and send the email to msupdate@live.com. Please make the subject ‘Maple Exploration Event’. This will help me know which emails are entrants to the event. If you have to send multiple emails make the subject of the email ‘Maple Exploration Event [# of email]’. For example, if you have to send four emails and this is the second the subject will be ‘Maple Exploration Event [2]’.
  • This email must also include your Global MapleStory character IGN.
  • All screenshots must be submitted by July 17, 2011 at 11:59PM Pacific (July 18 at 2:59AM Eastern).
  • All entrants will be contacted by email on the email that the screenshots were sent from by the latest July 31, 2011, whether or not you have won. Instructions on how to redeem your prize will also be sent to Winners.

If you think this is big, wait until you see that I have planned for December/January and next June/July. Good luck!


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  1. Zach you gotta take a look at this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qls_z20HVn8&feature=feedu

    If you look at 1:58 you will see that the animation of ARROW RAIN got changed to the same animation as it will have in JUMP, does that mean we get the animations for jump already ?
    Or did the animation change with BB

  2. Oh! I think I’m gonna go visit all the towns now XD!

  3. Lionheart365 :
    Oh! I think I’m gonna go visit all the towns now XD!

    why visit towns ?? nothing changes in Chaos …. And if I may ask, how old are you now Lionheart ;p

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