[NXNA] An All-New Nexon.net! Part I

Edit: The launch of the new portal has been postponed. The new launch date will be announced by Nexon America soon.

To see part one of the changes, click here.

So Nexon.net is getting a makeover, and there’s still on mention of BlockParty, and I’m getting nervous. Why would they remodel their portal when the portal would be changed for BlockParty anyway? Has BlockParty been cancelled? Well last year the Nexon logo was being coupled with the BlockParty logo in videos, pictures, and even at E3 2010, but not so recently, or at E3 2011. And I have noticed that they are referring to it as the ‘Blabber Box’, rather than the ‘BlockParty Blabber Box’ now. I am making my conclusion that Nexon has cancelled BlockParty.

Or, as the dangerously optimistic part of my mind is thinking, BlockParty will be revealed further in ‘An All-New Nexon.net! Part II’, whenever that comes. Also, the BlockParty.com teaser site is still open, so yeah… And, and Nexon emails are still being sent through a ‘blockparty.com’ email address.

We are pleased to announce the upcoming debut of our brand new Nexon portal! The Nexon website has been totally redesigned to be more user friendly, with a cleaner appearance and more intuitive functionality. The new portal will launch on June 17th, 2011 but you can get the first look at our new look right here!

Please note that as some aspects of the portal are still being finalized, the appearance and text may vary slightly upon launch.

The new portal will feature one game in a large header at the top of the page, and the rest of our titles—including new Facebook games—below. All the game images will display a “PLAY” button when rolled over, and will navigate you to the individual game site when clicked on.

Now appearing at the top of every Nexon page, the Global Navigation Tool has also been overhauled to provide you with one-click access to the pages that matter most.

Log in with either your Nexon account email address or your ID, then choose from links and drop-down menus to the following: Manage Account, Get NX, Get Support, as well as a new “PLAY” button.

Please note that as these pages are still being finalized, this text may vary slightly upon launch.

Clicking on Manage Account will direct you to an all-new Account Settings page where you can view and edit all of your account information. Update your account email address, password, and secondary security, all in one place! From this page you will now also be able to review your recent purchases as well as purchase or redeem NX.

Protect your account with new security features! You will now be able to set up security questions or verify your account through Facebook to give you both flexibility and enhanced protection. These will replace last name and date of birth as the information you will use to verify your identity before making changes to your account information, such as updating your email address or password.

Stay tuned for information on other exciting new features in “An All-New Nexon.net! Part II.” and get ready- the new portal launches on June 17th!

The Nexon Team



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  1. YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. In Vindictus, when logging in, there would be 2 logos that appear.
    Nexon, then Blockparty logo.

    It was changed to Nexon and Devcat.

    • This sucks. Why would they really go through all of that and all the press and all the attention and all the planning just to drop it? When it was delayed I had a feeling that it was just being remodeled to not be so childish, but it seems it has been cancelled completely. I’m sad.

  3. I have a question. I don’t see PopTag! in the game list in the new nexon portal picture. PopTag! is removed? Please someone anwser me! (Sorry for my bad english)

  4. They’ve selected Dragon Nest Beta testers. Check the post:http://bit.ly/kByJOJ

  5. Cujo00 :Ze hebben gekozen Dragon Nest Beta testers. They’ve selected Dragon Nest Beta testers. Controleer de post: http://bit.ly/kByJOJ Check the post: http://bit.ly/kByJOJ

    awsome gonna check it right now

  6. MSnerd#256235113471

    Wow nexon fails so much
    The portal is still exactly the same

    • Nexon doesn’t fail. This edit was put in long before you commented.
      “Edit: The launch of the new portal has been postponed. The new launch date will be announced by Nexon America soon.”

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