[NX] [E3] Nexon at E3 2011! Day 1

If any new vids or pics become available they’ll be posted here.

The largest gaming expo of the year is here and Nexon is back this year to showcase the successful Vindictus and anticipated Dragon Nest.


Posted on June 7, 2011, in Dragon Nest, E3, Nexon America, Vinductus/Mabinogi Heroes. Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. who’s that chick ? She looks like she can murder you in just a blink of an eye

  2. Lionheart365

    I’m more excited about the 2 halo trailers and skyrim.

  3. msupdate :
    That’s an upcoming boss in Vindictus,

    lol, I can already see her being like : Hey there little boy, wanna play with me …
    and then little kids will be like, “Mommy, whats that women doing to my character ?”

  4. This is great news, I love all of the new changes to Vindictus and other Nexon games!

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