[DN] [DNHQ] DragonNestHQ.com is Open

From the creator of BasilMarket.com, the Dragon Nest fansite DragonNestHQ.com is open! Go sign up and help get the forums active.


If you are getting the Vindictus picture when you follow the link, please go to the website manually (copy and paste into search bar and press Enter).



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  1. lol account making is broken atm

    • Yeah. Also, I was one of the first to make an account, one of the first to post, one of the first to submit a video and was about the be the first (except for admin) to start a thread and I get banned. I’m 99% sure I did nothing wrong. I think i’ll wait a week or two for the website to become more stable before I make another account, if the account creation if fixed by then.

  2. lol the link takes me to a PICTURE of vindictus. Zach are you trolling us ? xD

  3. Hey MS, my forum name on DNHQ is “Nest.”

    • O.O Nice name. BRB making a new account with a better name. ‘TheMsupdate’ won’t cut it when you have ‘Nest’.

      Edit: Nah, I change my mind. I like my current name. And in case you didn’t know, I’m zachu95 from basilmarket, on your bl I think.

    • Okay, since I got banned again my new name is ‘Paladin’.

  4. I just made a new account, I am liking what Mr.Basil is doing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Yeah, I was banned as well… I made 2 accounts as well, maybe that’s why?
    Not a good start Mr. Basil…

    • I see your account is back. I will try logging a ticket to him as well to see what I did wrong.

    • Well that was the response I got from the logged ticket, that I should make one account and stick to it. The problem that I have with that is that I didn’t make the second account until after the first got banned. So at no time did I actually have two account active.

  6. I don’t think Mr. Basil likes you guys. LOL.
    I haven’t been banned and I posted a 1 post already ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. msupdate :In orde Okey . . Ik heb verboden … alweer. I got bannedโ€ฆ again. Nog steeds niet zeker wat ik verkeerd doe of welke regel (s) Ik ben breken. Still not sure what I’m doing wrong or what rule(s) I’m breaking. Ik heb aangemeld een ticket aan de heer Basil dus hopelijk zal ik weten wat mijn fout / terug te krijgen zodra mijn account en berichten. I’ve logged a ticket to Mr. Basil so hopefully I’ll find out my mistake/get back my account and posts soon.

    hey zach, I’m the first to comment on your post about the class advance thingy … my name is Nexon guru … but I wanan use a different name .. brb making a new one, expect a post on your thread soon

  8. lol my name is lightning add me

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