This Month in Our Past: June

It’s June, and you know what that means… SUMMER!! And with the Summer comes big updates. June is also the first month when GlobalMS has had 6 content updates (GlobalMS was released in May so May and before only had 5 updates). In Mays past, Global MapleStory established its defense force base, became the first service of MapleStory to receive an original party quest, one of the cutest and most powerful bosses in the game showed its face, what some believe this the best event ever to be released in the game and much more were released.

A big happy birthday to MapleSEA. MapleSEA’s 6th anniversary will be on June 23.

June 2005

Client Version Update: 0.04
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Tuesday, June 28, 2005

– Complete Version

On June 28, 2005, a month and a week after Global MapleStory was launched officially, the game had finally gone stable. The stable release of GlobalMS forced all users to redownload the client in order to continue playing the game, a burden to some, but wiped out such things and frequent disconnections and unbearable lag.

June 2006

Client Version Update: 0.24
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Thursday, June 8, 2006

– Omega Sector

The MapleStory defense force established to defend Maple World against such threats as aliens (they don’t do a very good job) set up their base in deep Ossyria below the great Eos Tower on June 8, 2006. Go, go, mesorangers!

June 2007

Client Version Update: 0.39
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2007

– Amoria Party Quest
– Mushroom Shrine

GlobalMS became the first service of the game to receive an original party quest on June 13, 2007 as the innovative Amoria Party Quest was release. The system of allowing in-game married couples to take on a party quest had never before been seen in MapleStory. Also arriving in June 2007 was JapanMS-original Zipangu. Zipangu for quite a while gave us one of the best training areas in Maple World, Himes, and gave us the challenge of Black Crow. Of course, the Zipangu gachapon which is one of the most rewarding in the game due to its Dark Scrolls cannot go without mentioning.

June 2008

Client Version Update: 0.56
Game Update Name: ‘Summer Update Splash’
Game Update Date: Friday, June 20, 2008

– Ariant
– Skill Macro
– Party Search and HP Window
– Guild Alliances
– Window Mode

The Nihal Desert appeared on Ossyria on June 20, 2008 along with the Window Mode feature. Ariant really wasn’t that great a town. It had boring quests which gave crappy rewards, monsters with terrible EXP and the whole town was just boring with all the sand. But now, after Big Bang, Ariant has become a prime training area for middle leveled players 🙂 Window Mode finally allowed players to play MapleStory in a window rather than full screen without the use of third-party programs. Skill Macros made the use of frequently used skills much easier and party search and HP window,along with guild alliances added to MapleStory’s massive list of social features.

June 2009

Client Version Update: 0.72
Game Update Name: ‘Summer Warm-up’
Game Update Date: Wednesday, June 24, 2009

– Temple of Time (Pink Bean)
– Level 120 equips
– “Find Master M” Quests
– Title System
– Ellin Forest PQ
– Scissors of Karma

It had arrived. The legendary and highly anticipated Time Temple, along with the unbelievable adorable but just a fearsome Pink Bean. Of course, Timeless and Revolution weapons were released in this update also, along with Ellin Forest and its PQ, the “Finding Master M” event and the Title System.

June 2010

Client Version Update: 0.86
Game Update Name: ‘Summer Warm-up’
Game Update Date: Wednesday, June 16, 2010

– Friend Finder
– Golden Temple
– Android Set
– Many new quests
– Return of the Explorers Event
– Explorer’s Box Event
– Cassandra’s Weapon Rental Event
– Help A Snipe Event
– Guide an Evan Event
– Changed/Fixed Several skill Descriptions

GOLDEN TEMPLE! Such an amazing event arrived on June 16, 2010. The Golden Temple event was almost perfect. Would’ve been perfect too if it weren’t for those meddling Golden Temple tickets in the cash shop that once again gave cash users a massive advantage of non-cash users. The hardly used Friend Finder system and many more content and events also premiered in June 2010.

And we all know what’s coming in late June 2011! CHAOS!

Prepare for Chaos. Be pro. Be a fan. Get some NX today!™


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  1. It’s still May dude .. 30th of May

    • Yeah but I usually do This Month in Our Past a few days before the actual start of the month. See:
      June 2010: May 30, 2011
      May 2011: April 30, 2011
      April 2011: March 31, 2011
      March 2011: February 27, 2011
      February 2011: January 31, 2011
      January 2011: January 10, 2011 (this one came really late)
      December 2010: December 1, 2010
      November 2010: October 31, 2010
      October 2010: October 4, 2010

  2. was Master M GMS exclusive ? and who was master M .. was he a cat (have played a PS and the cat was named Agent MEOW)

    • No it wasn’t GMS original. I honestly don’t remember who Master M was O.O. I hope they host the event again so I can find him again F3.

      • I really like that event. Mainly because there were so many different tasks to do. I Dislike the Alien PQ, just because you could only do a couple tasks, and then you had to wait a couple weeks till you could do something new.. I don’t understand why people loved it so much. It had a special vibe to it, but it was more a chore than fun to me

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