[MSU] GMS History Test Analysis

Well the first Msupdate GMS History Test has come to an end and its time to know how you did in comparison to the community and to learn a thing or two about GlobalMS’s past. I hope you remember your answers. The questions that require one answer are worth one mark and the questions that require three are worth three marks per answer. This means that the entire survey is worth 15 marks.

Question 1

When the MapleStory cash shop was opened, which company had just taken over as the official publishers?

Percentage of survey takers who attempted question: 96.08%

Nexon Korea (8.16%)
Wizet (32.65%)
NXGames (18.37%)
Nexon America (40.82%)

Correct Answer: NXGames

This question was one of the hardest to answer because the event that this is asking about took place a very long time ago and unless you were actually there, you’d probably not know. The correct answer is NXGames. NXGames is the name that the team behind the early Global MapleStory was operating as. This team was based in Korea, servicing the North American-aimed but internationally available GlobalMS remotely from Korea. When GlobalMS was first launched, Wizet was the publisher but when the cash shop was opened NXGames took over.

Question 2

Which THREE of the following are Global MapleStory exclusive content?

Percentage of survey takers who attempted question: 98.04%

New Leaf City (74%)
Kerning Swamp (3%)
Singapore Ghost Ship (18%)
Ludibrium Maze Party Quest (23%)
Personal Identification Number (PIN) (17%)
Personal Identification Code (PIC) (37%)
Window Mode (17%)
Maple Trade System (MTS) (44%)
Neo City (30%)
Golden Temple (18%)

Correct Answers: New Leaf City, Personal Identification Number (PIN), Window Mode

I’m so disappointed. Our pride, our joy, our original content, and the majority of the community doesn’t know it. Of course, most people knew New Leaf City, which only got 74% of votes, disappointing. My original three correct answers were New Leaf City, The Visitors event and Amoria but I thought that would be way to easy. I made it *slightly* more challenging, by using two game features rather than areas expecting that the results would be worse than if I had used the areas but still great. I was wrong. Congrats to everyone who got this question correct, you are true Global players.

New Leaf City came on July 26, 2007
PINs came on November 16, 2005
Window Mode came on June 20, 2008

Question 3

Which THREE of the following content were added into the game in 2009?

Percentage of survey takers who attempted question: 93.14%

Magatia (31.58%)
New Leaf City (20%)
Kerning Square (21.05%)
Pyramid’s Nett (35.79%)
Aran (50.53%)
Khaini World (13.68%)
Family System (51.58%)
Pirates (32.63%)
Ultimate Explorer (3.16%)
Time Temple (37.89%)

Correct Answers: Aran, Family System, Time Temple

This was the best answered three-answer question with the three answers taking the top three spots :). 2009 was the year where things really took off for GlobalMS. Updates got much bigger, taking us from 9-12 months behind KMS to 3-7 months behind them. The Family System came along with Monster Book and many other game features in the ‘New Creatures, New Features’ update in April 2009. Time Temple was released in the ‘Summer Warm-up’ update in June 2009. Aran was released in the ‘Aran’ update in December 2009. Oh, and for everyone who voted for Magatia, you were close. Magatia came in December 2008.

Question 4

Who was the first Global MapleStory character to reach maximum fame (30,000)?

Percentage of survey takers who attempted question: 91.18%

Duschi (7.5%)
Diego (43.01%)
bubblee (15.05%)
REPULSIVE (13.98%)
PopMyBuckle (20.43%)

Correct Answer: Diego

I actually didn’t expect this question to be answered so well. It wasn’t a major event, nor do people really care about fame. But you did it! Diego was the first character in Global MapleStory to reach what most only dream about: 30,000 fame. This was before the fame hack. Second came bubblee and then Duschi.

Question 5

Who was the first Mage to achieve level 150 in Global MapleStory?

Percentage of survey takers who attempted question: 96.08%

curryishott (72.45%)
ClericZoe (5.1%)
HYDRANGE (13.27%)
ZoeCherry (6.12%)
Heroine (3.06%)

Correct Answer: curryishott

Another question that I didn’t expect to be answered all that well simply because this took place long ago and wasn’t all that amazing. But yes, curryishott was the first Mage to hit level 150 in Global MapleStory. First MAGE, literally meaning MAGE, not magician. I believe the first 150 magician overall was either ClericZoe or HYDRANGE (who were both priests at the time).

This video was uploaded in November 13, 2006.

Question 6

In what client version of Global MapleStory was the Mark of the Beta item stop being given out?

Percentage of survey takers who attempted question: 95.1%

0.01 (23.71%)
0.05 (32.99%)
0.07 (11.34%)
0.10 (16.49%)
0.23 (15.46%)

Correct Answer: 0.07

The Mark of the Beta item was made unavailable in Ver.0.07, the same patch in which the famous “Cody’s Theme Park” quest was available. This is why having a Mark of the Beta doesn’t necessarily mean that you have been playing since beta, it only means that you were playing before 0.07.

Question 7

Which THREE of the following content were tested in Global MapleStory Tespia (GMST)?

Percentage of survey takers who attempted question: 96.08%

New Leaf City (19.39%)
Crimsonwood Keep (41.84%)
Singapore (5.1%)
Ariant (14.29%)
Family System (18.37%)
Big Bang (87.76%)
Final Job Advancement (44.9%)
Malaysia (9.47%)
Cygnus Knights (39.8%)
Showa (10.2%)

Correct Answers: Ariant, Big Bang, Showa

Disappointing. This question was so easy. In nearly every Tespia conversation these three pieces of content are mentioned. For pie’s sake, 4th job was released long before Tespia even hit GlobalMS. It has been said many times that Masterian content will not be tested in Tespia because they don’t want anyone getting a taste of it before anyone else, so that rules out NLC and CWK. I guess Cygnus Knights was a good guess. But now, the correct answers are Showa, Ariant and, of course Big Bang. If you didn’t vote for Big Bang then go get your brain checked out.

Question 8

What languages was Global MapleStory originally released in?

Percentage of survey takers who attempted question: 99.02%

English Only (74.26%)
English and Spanish (7.92%)
English and Korean (16.83%)
English and Chinese (1%)
English and German (0%)

Correct Answer: English Only

A lot of people have been asking why I chose German. It’s because Germany is the largest European online game market. I chose Korean because, you know, the whole MapleStory being a Korean game thing. I chose Chinese because GlobalMS originally had a portal for North America (which most global players played from) and a portal for SEA. Chinese is widely spoken in Singapore and MapleSEA even had a Chinese server for a short time some time ago. Spanish was chosen because I didn’t have anything else. Anyway, yeah, the answer is English Only, as the majority of you said.

Question 9

When did Global MapleStory record its previous record concurrent user mark of 70,000 users?

Percentage of survey takers who attempted question: 95.1%

January 2008 (The Final Job Advancement) (51.55%)
July 2009 (Cygnus Knights) (19.59%)
March 2010 (Evan) (6.19%)
July 2010 (Dual Blade) (5.15%)
December 2010 (Big Bang) (17.53%)

Correct answer: July 2009 (Cygnus Knights)

This was another hard question to answer since the number of concurrent users is something you really have to follow press news about the game to know about. GlobalMS hit its old maximum concurrent user record of 70,000 after the ‘Cygnus Summer Knights’ update on July 2009. This record was then shattered after one of the hot time events after Big Bang, where we reached 137,000 concurrent users and showed us that GlobalMS’s servers can withstand massive loads. We should be proud of our concurrent user record as few games reach these numbers in North America.

So how did you do? Remember, the entire survey is marked out of 15. One per one answer question and three for three answer questions, one per answer.

More surveys and tests are coming soon, and not just from me, so keep posted for those!


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  1. I posted your GMS history test on the nexon forums to get more participants.

    • Thanks. I’m actually really disappointed with the turn out for this survey from my blog visitors. But since you posted on the the NX forums there’ve been many more survey takers.

  2. answers pls =P

  3. William Huang

    I am really disapointed in the Tespia question and the GMS Exclusive content.

    I got 3 and 6, I chose Magatia since I remembered bringing my Aran there.
    But now that I think of it, it was dropping those snow pieces the first time I was there.

    I wasn’t here until 0.4x so I had no idea.

  4. yay i had the first question right, because I remembered you once saying that they were called NXgames to me before 😉

  5. zach, got any idea on what my answers are, like, how I can find out what I answered, because I kinda forgot. I think I have like 11/15 points

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