[BS] BannedStory – Update

We have some great news. Nexon America is currently working on lifting the crease & desist order which was sent to BannedStory creator Ion by Nexon Korea. Awesome! Go Nexon America!


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  1. So lets say Nexon Korea is like the big father, and America is like the son. What will happan to the son for going against his father ? I asume that Nexon Korea will get mad about this …

    • I doubt anything bad will happen to Nexon America and I doubt Nexon Korea will get mad. I think this is just something that Nexon America and Nexon’s ‘global legal affairs’ team will have to reason out with each other.

      • Oooh i forgot to tell you, I’m thechazz, only I got a new account because Thechazz was already taken at WordPress… How ya like my picture, it’s from my 3 mains, my Deme aran, my Bera Db and my Bera Dit. Ooh have you read spadow.. 3 new jobs upcoming, i already posted my prediction on the story on spadows blog

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