[GMS] Vote on Chaos World Name!!

Nexon’s giving us, their loyal players, the choice of one of the new worlds that’ll be arriving with the Chaos update this June. Vote away at http://maplestory.nexon.net/FunStuff/Polls.aspx?contentNo=&pageIndex=1.

Nexon America aren’t using the English names that Nexon Korea gave to some of the servers and Nexon America’s translations are terrible in my opinion.

Nexon’s Korea’s English name is now Nexon America’s English translation.
Stius is now Steers.
Hacerlo is now Hasselo.
Kastia is now Castia.
Culverin is now Culverine.
Fleta is now Pleta.
Meriel is now Marielle.
Medere is now Meder.
Kalluna is now Kaluna.

Please Nexon, consider converting to the original English name from Nexon Korea as seen above. Your translations suck.

On the bright side, Plana, Leona, Aster, Dar, Ryuho, Mir, Nova, Cosmo and Androa have retained their awesome Nexon Korea English name.


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  1. Ew, those names really are worse. I like Nova or Ryuho the best! 😀
    Which one did you vote on?

    • I voted for Ryuho. But most of them are really good so it was hard to choose. I also like Leona, Mir, Nova, Cosmo and Androa. I’d also like Meriel, Medere and Hacerlo if Nexon America changes back to Nexon Korea’s names.

  2. Its so hard to choose i want leona,mir,ryuho but i also want nova and hopfully nova will be the new scania..hopfully

    • why hopefullly, and whats so good about scania, its over populated, or is that just what you mean so you can play scania without lagg 😉

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