Msupdate’s 5 Most Anticipated F2P MMOs

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The second half of 2011 is almost upon us. With it, and with 2012, with come many more FREE MMOs. The next generation of free is here and we’re all loving it. Vindictus, Divine Souls and some others have paved the path and now its time for these new games to continue. Here are Msupdate’s 5 most anticipated free-to-play MMOs. Of course, only games that have had their North American or Global service being announced are featured.

1. C9

Continent of the Ninth, or C9, is one of the greatest MMOs in the world right now. Being what I feel is the biggest danger to Vindictus in the next-gen of free games, C9 features stunning graphics, fast paced combat and an interesting storyline. NHN began development of C9 in 2006 and launch the game into the Korean market in 2010. C9 will not be published by NHN USA on their ijji portal, however, as Webzen, another NHN subsidiary, has been entrusted with the publishing right. Keep posted to Webzen for more information on the Global service of C9.

C9 Website (Korea)

Estimated release date: Early 2012

2. Dragon Nest

Developed by Shanda Games subsidiary Eyedentity Games, this anime-style fast paced game known as Dragon Nest was launch in Korea in March 2010 through Nexon. Since then Dragon Nest has been localized for China, Japan and Taiwan with its North American (Nexon), Global (Shanda) and Thai (AsiaSoft) services all currently accepting closed beta applications. CLOSED BETA APPLICATIONS BEING ACCEPTED FOR NORTH AMERICA AND GLOBAL SERVICES.

Dragon Nest Website (North America)
Dragon Nest Website (Global)
Dragon Nest Website (Korea)

Estimated Release Date: October 2011

3. Core Blaze

Action. Physics. Graphics. It’s rare for an MMO to excel on all three, but Core Blaze does. Coming from Gamania, Core Blaze is a next-gen action MMORPG currently in its beta phases in its premier service in Taiwan. Gamania has been a Nexon partner in Taiwan where they publish MapleStory and other games and is tackling the North American market. Good luck to them.

Core Blaze Website (Taiwan)

Estimated Release Date: Early 2012

4. RaiderZ

RaiderZ carries the slogan ‘Hunt together or die alone’. Its slogan and its name are quite fitting to its gameplay. Imagine hoards of gigantic monsters being taken on by a team of raiding warriors with a combination of attacks and dodges and magic and guarding. It’s awesome. From the developers of successful third-person shooter GunZ: The Duel, RaiderZ will be published in North America by Perfect World Entertainment. CLOSED BETA APPLICATIONS COMING SOON.

RaiderZ Website (North America)
RaiderZ Website (Korea)

Estimated Release Date: December 2011

5. Rusty Hearts

Rusty Hearts, from developers Stairway Games, reminds me a lot of Nexon’s Dungeon Fighter Online, except with greatly updates graphics and likely upgraded gameplay. Being published in America, along with RaiderZ, by Perfect World Entertainment, Rusty Hearts is an beat-em-up action 2.5D side-scrolling MMO based around raiding ancient tombs and temples in a stylized gothic world. Perfect World Entertainment is finally making smart decisions on the games that they publish as they are moving away from the generic adventure slow paced combat games like Jade Dynasty, and moving up with games like RaiderZ, Rusty Hearts and the already launched Battle of the Immortals. CLOSED BETA APPLICATIONS BEING ACCEPTED.

Rusty Hearts Website (North America)
Rusty Hearts Website (Korea)
(IP Blocked)

Estimated Release Date: October 2011


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