[JMST] JapanMS Open Test Server Starts 5/16

Nexon Japan will be opening up a public test server for Japan MapleStory on Monday, May 16. Testing will continue to Monday, May 30. It is not yet currently known of any details of the content to be tested. The only thing we know is that the announcement mentions the testing of ‘Reincarnation’, which leads many to think that Ultimate Explorers, along with other major content that many versions have but JapanMS doesn’t, will be tested. There are also some who are talking about this update as if they know for sure that it will be Chaos tested.

Japan MapleStory still lacks Ultimate Explorers,The Lion King’s Castle, Chryse and the guild system overhaul.

I’ll post any more details as I get them.


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  1. You’re a Southperrian, huh? 😮

    Or at least, you visit Southperry.

    The chances of it being Chaos is less than .01%. lol Nunnuko’s twitter page had discussion about balancing and stuff with this patch, which lead me to think of Chaos, but I’m extremely positive that we’re not going to see Chaos in JapanMS for a very long time.

    Oh, well. I guess we’ll see what’s released in two days. I’ll definitely be making videos. ^^

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