[GMS] MapleStory’s Birthday Surprise!

MapleStory’s B-Day Surprise at the Cash Shop!

Surprise! It may be MapleStory’s birthday, but the presents are for you!

Pick up a Small, Medium or Large B-Day Surprise for a chance at all sorts of never-before-seen items and amazing deals.

Here is a sneak peak at what’s inside the surprises!

Cake and Pie Pets (both permanent and 90 day versions)

1 Day 2x Drop Coupon

Toucan Pet

And of course, you still have a chance at a permanent Pink Bean Pet!

Each Surprise is still guaranteed to deliver an item worth at least as much as you paid, making this a good deal with a chance for a great surprise!

Check out the entire win list for each type of surprise – click here!
Now that’s a reason to celebrate!


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  1. Shouldn’t presents be free when you get them from others ?

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