[MSFB] Mission Accomplished: 500,000 Likes

Only the most popular games out there achieve a half of one million likes on their Facebook page and, of course, MapleStory has surpassed the mark. This momentous accomplishment came on May 10, 2011 at somewhere from 6:05PM Pacific to 6:20PM Pacific. Right now we’re getting approximately 3.4 likes every minute, or around 204 an hour, 4896 a day, 34273 a week, 146880 a month, a 1762560 year. If only we could keep this pace…

We can now keep posted for more information on the 500,000 prizes that will be issued.

Official MapleStory Facebook Page
Official Mabinogi Facebook Page: 65,228 Likes
Official Combat Arms Facebook Page: 481,434 Likes
Official Dungeon Fighter Facebook Page: 58,438 Likes
Official PopTag! Facebook Page: 18,728 Likes
Official Vindictus Facebook Page: 100,510 Likes
Official Atlantica Facebook Page: 96,627 Likes
Official Dragon Nest Facebook Page: 12,918 Likes
Official Nexon America Facebook Page: 13,820 Likes

Total: 1,348,050 Likes

Be pro. Be a fan. Get some NX today!


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  1. keep in mind that in 2 years we would have like 6m extra likes , but that won’t happan since the facebook maple lovers would have added MS by then … so I don’t think we will get to 6 million likes … never … ever … ever … NEVER !!
    Oooh and when they release the prize, and i will like MS after it, will I also get the price IF they release a prize for the ppl that liked on facebook ?
    And just an idea for nexon, give 5k NX to every facebook liker, that way you will get millions of likes =D

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