[NXNA] My Ticket to Nexon: Season 2

‘My Ticket to Nexon’, the series of posts in which I show how unacceptable Nexon’s customer service is through my own logged tickets, is back for Season 2. Here’s the story this time.

I’ve been playing Atlantica since 2009 when it was still being published by Ndoors. Of course back then I had no idea that Nexon would one day become the publishers of the game. Being the Nexon fanatic I am, my IGN in Ndoors’ Atlantica was ‘Nexon’ -F3-. But now that the game has transferred to Nexon, I don’t want to cause any confusion or put myself at risk of being banned for ‘impersonating a Nexon employee’ or some other crap like that. I’ve logged a support ticket to Nexon asking for their opinion on what to do. Will I be allowed a free character name change? Should I keep playing with my character with that IGN? Or what?

Well, it took them 3 days to actually get to the ticket even though at the time there was likely a high volume of Atlantica-related tickets following many publishing transfer (Ndoors to Nexon) issues. I was all like “YAY :) “. Then I though to myself ‘Oh, this won’t take long. Maybe 1-3 days while someone at Nexon makes a decision”. So I waited, and waited… and waited. I’m still waiting… How in the world they can take 3 days to get to the ticket and SO FAR 4 WEEKS to actually deal with such a simple issue is beyond me.

The ticket was logged on April 5. I provided extra information on April 6. The ticket status was changed from ‘Open’ to ‘Work In Progress’ on April 8, exactly four weeks ago. I’m sad :(.


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  1. Zach, when is your b-day, maybe they will wait for your b-day and give ya a free name change ;p

    • It’s on the 21st. That would be a nice present but I can’t wait that long!

      • haha, I kinda forgot , how old are you now ,, If i remember correctly from the -may, month in our past- post, you are 23 years old right ?

        • Yeah. I’ll be 24 on my birthday.

          • hehe 🙂 I will congratulate you on your b-day.
            Oooh and just on a side note, I’m really pissed, I just went to basil and someone blamed nexon for all of this and to unlike their facebook page, I got so mad !! Nexon isn’t the bad guy here, the exploiters are. You must be really dumb to see a chaos scroll for 300k without thinking there is something wrong with it. I’m mad because of you Zach, you turned me from a nexon hater ( I hated them a little bit because of the IP block on Europe, wich I now fully understand ), to a Nexon fanatic.

  2. Nexon is hecka slow with customer service. I have a ticket that’s 3 months and still nothing. -.-

  3. Work in progress as of yesterday. But i have a few others that are work in progress like buying world transfer and it not moving my character.

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