[GMS] Premium Miracle Cubes are Here!

What’s better than a miracle? 25% more miracle of course!  It’s already transformed equipment in Japan, and on May 4th, the Premium Miracle Cube makes its Global MapleStory debut.

For only NX 3,100 you get all the amazing qualities of a regular Miracle Cube plus a 25% chance to add a bonus potential  to your item until you reach the maximum number of potentials.

In other words:

                        Have this…

  …become this

A little fuzzy on how this whole miracle thing works? Refresh yourself with our guide: http://maplestory.nexon.net/Guide/CashShopFeatures.aspx?boardNo=802&contentNo=009qk&pageIndex=1

So get to the Cash Shop, get your miracle, and make your gear the best it can be!

Need a Miracle? Get NX

Still want more? Take a survey and earn NX!


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  1. so now we have 2 kinds of cubes .. or did the normal transform in this one … and what is the price of this new cube

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