[GMS v97] Rating

Smaller Updates Every Month

V64 January 22, 2009: 6.5/10 (Magatia PQ)
V65 March 5, 2009: 10/10 (Interior of CWK (GMS-Original))
V67 April 8, 2009: 8.5/10 (Monster Book, Family System, Master Monsters)
V70 May 7, 2009: 8/10 ( 4th Anniversary)
V72 June 24, 2009: 9/10 (Temple of Time, Ellin Forest)
V73 July 29, 2009: 8.5/10 (Cygnus Knights, Maker)
V75 August 26, 2009: 7.5/10 (Mu Lung Dojo, Monster Carnival 2)
V76 September 24, 2009: 3/10 (Fishing System)
V77 October 22, 2009: 10/10 (Malaysia (MSEA-Original),  Haunted House II (GMS-Original))
V79 November 11, 2009: 6/10 (“Episode 1″ Events)
V80 December 10, 2009: 8.5/10 (Aran, Mushroom Castle, New Maple Island)
V81 January 20, 2010: 7.5/10 (Monster Survival)
V82 February 10, 2010: 5/10 (PICs, Login From Website, Mardi Gras)
V83 February 22, 2010: 7.5/10 (Neo City, Kerning Square, Game Features Updates)
V84 March 31, 2010: 10/10 (Evan, Neo City Expansion (GMS-Exclusive), UI Updates, Important Bug Fixes)
V85 May 5, 2010: 8/10 (5th Anniversary, Dragon Rider PQ)
V86 June 16, 2010: 9/10 (Golden Temple, Return of the Explorers, Friend Finder)
V88 July 21, 2010: 10/10 (Dual Blade, Chaos Bosses, Friend Finder, Item Potential System)
V89 August 19, 2010: 8/10 (The Visitors Event)
V90 September 29, 2010: 9/10 (Ice Gorge, Ninja Castle)
v91 October 27, 2010: 7/10 (Ulu City)
V93 December 7, 2010: Big Bang
V94 December 20, 2010: 8.5/10 (Resistance (Wild Hunter and Battle Mage))
V95 January 19, 2011: 8/10 (Resistance (Mechanic))

Larger Updates Less Often

Aftershock’ V96 March 10, 2011: 9.5/10 (Lion King’s Castle, Ultimate Explorer, Guild Revamp, Chryse)
‘Jubilation’ V97 April 27, 2011: 6/10 (6th Anniversary)

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  1. can ya give some explanation on why it’s a 6 … I agree it ain’t the best patch, with the worst casandra event in a long time.. I mean 80% of the recommended monsters don’t even drop the ETC items for the quest to get a piece of puzzle. Not to mention that ya need to collect 66 cards at a low drop rate, and you only have a chance to get the item ya need. And ya need to do it at least 3 times, wich means ya need to collect at least 66×3= I’m bad at match, cards.
    The cake vs Pie event should have launch right away, same with the archificial (or soemthing like that) hunt. The balloon pq is alright I gues, only it should have had it’s seperate room, like CPQ , so ya don’t HAVE to gather at henesys. And they shouldn’t have added the fact that ya need 3 people to join. I think its best to just get in the PQ, wait for 5 other people to join and then people get randomly selected in a party. This patch brings some fun new stuff, but it’s not all that good.

    • The reason this patch gets a 6 is because it added a lot of events, even if they aren’t as great as we would have expected and the fact that it has come just a little over a month since the last patch (AfterShock) and, if my predictions are correct, only around a month and a half before Chaos. This means that we will get 3 update in the space of 3 months, which is great with the new system of patching less often. So it gets a 6 because of how quickly it came (good), the number of events (good) and because the events weren’t as great as we had expected (bad).

  2. seems to me that instead of getting better patches every few months, we are getting some rather lame patches, dont get me wrong the lhc update was pretty fun, but it took them over a month to fix the chryse problem, and sure UA’s are fun but they arnt exactly big news, nor are they really that fun or a jump forward, i think they should stop updating every month or 2 months and give us 4 updates a year, one every few months, get one for x-mas, summer, spring (maple b-day), and fall, thats all, with minor updates like back to school, or christmas day events, that way we can get alot of new things at once, we could get chaos and mastry town, and a bunch of other things all at once instead of spred through 2 months, i dono i think we should get less patches, that give a great amount of fun.

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