[NX] Nexon’s 2010 Revenue: 934.3 Billion Won

It was expected that Nexon would in 2010 become the first company from the Korean gaming industry to record revenues of 1 Trillion Won. Unfortunately, Nexon has failed to meet the industry’s expectations while still posting a massive and industry leading 2010 revenue of 934.3 Billion Won. This is up 32.8% from 2009’s revenue of 704 Billion Won. Nexon’s 2010 operating profit was 407.2 Billion Won, and net profit was recorded at 342.7 Billion Won, up 121.5% and 80.7% over 2009 respectively.

Nexon’s overseas (non-Korean) services contributed 64% of overall revenue (approximately 598 Billion Won, up from 471.7 Billion Won in 2009). Nexon’s overseas sales continue to grow rapidly as Nexon’s global publishing network currently reaches 72 countries and over 350 million global players.

A look at Nexon Korea’s affiliates (which were all counted in the overall 934.3 Billion):

Nexon Japan: 159.8 Billion Won
Neople: 211.7 Billion Won
Nexon America: 639 Million Won
GameHi: 347 Million Won
Ndoors: 289 Million Won


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