[GMS] Tespia is Open!

Tespia is now open for the super duper 6th anniversary game update that is likely to go live next week, August 27, 2011. Nexon has, in fact, accepted new testers. Go to http://maplestoryt.nexon.net/. If you’re redirected to the official website, then you haven’t been accepted. If you’re directed to the Tespia website, you’re in.

iamflip is streaming live

Neither of my accounts have been selected and the friend who’s account I was using for Tespia has been banned. I’m starting to really think there’s a reason I’m not being invited.


Posted on April 20, 2011, in Global MapleStory, Nexon America, Update. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. redirected … I think they aren’t inviting you because they are afraid you might give the super secret information to Blizzard and that they will copy the event and release it before the maplestory aniversary and makes Nexon look like a copycat 🙂

  2. Lol, August 27th.

    I think you mean April

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