[GMS] Server Merge: Kradia and Yellonde

As previously mentioned in the latest dev blog, “Make Room, Make Room!,” Nexon is introducing a new server alliance initiative whereby players from two servers will share one world to play in together. But before you pull out the pitchforks and torches, please know that they’ve given an incredible amount of consideration to ensure players from both Kradia and Yellonde have as comfortable an experience as possible. Read the details:

•    You will still log into both Kradia and Yellonde from the server select screen. Neither server is going away.

•    Once you log in, you will interact with players from both servers so that there will be more people to party up with.

•    Server channels are being expanded to 20 on each server to accommodate the expansion, so there’s plenty of room to train by yourself as well.

•    Players on the new server alliance will have double the character slots (can create characters on both Kradia and Yellonde).

Nexon strongly hopes that these changes will allow players to participate in bigger community activities, but at the same time, allow plenty of room for those who wish to play the game by themselves. They know players have lots of questions, so below are some responses that they wrote based on comments to the dev blog. They’ll also continue to read your insights and try to answer as many as we can here.

Server Alliance FAQ
Q: Why are you doing this server alliance?
A: We’ve got some servers with too many people, and some with not enough. This is the first step in our efforts to balance the populations so players on all servers can enjoy MapleStory as a massively multiplayer online game!

Q: How did you choose Kradia and Yellonde to form the first server alliance?
A: We chose Kradia and Yellonde because they have similar populations and economies, and so the impact should be minimal for the players involved.

Q: I’m on Kradia/Yellonde. What’s going to happen to me in an alliance?
A: Not much. As a player on the alliance worlds, you will do everything you typically do to play. Your server remains the same, but what changes is you’ll be seeing a lot more new faces in the game.

Q: When will the alliance happen?
A: The alliance will happen during a server maintenance and it will be announced during the server maintenance notice.

If you have any additional questions regarding the Kradia-Yellonde server alliance Nexon will be happy to answer them on the Nexon forums.


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  1. now, FUSE DEME AND BERA so I can have those much needed extra server slots too, and that way I don’t have to remake my 9x ARAN for choas that is on lame ass deme, so I can just continue him -,-

    please Nexon, I beg you

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