[NXFB] Nexon Facebook Like Events

Nexon America is probably the free to play publisher with the most number of Facebook likes, but they want more. Nexon has announced Facebook like events for MapleStory, Combat Arms and Vindictus. Currently MapleStory has 442,685 likes, Combat Arms has 429,141 and Vindictus has 86,548.

MapleStory Like Event

The Facebook 500,000 Fans Milestone is fast approaching! MapleStory wouldn’t be the game we know and love without the strength and size of its members, and we want to show the world just how much our community has grown with the MapleStory Facebook page. Currently we have over 435,000 fans, and we want to go BIG by hitting that half million mark!

If we reach our goal of 500,000 Facebook “Likes” by May 11, 2011, we will give away 500,000 prizes! What are these prizes? As we approach the goal, we will provide more hints. For now, we can promise you it won’t disappoint! So become a fan today, and check out the Facebook Fan meter on the MapleStory website to track the progress towards our goal! Be sure to recommend the MapleStory Facebook page to your friends, family, guildies and anybody who isn’t a fan yet, and watch that meter rise!

Combat Arms Like Event

Soldiers. Let’s show those Maplers that they aren’t king of the Nexon Facebook frontier. Find out what’s in store for our players if we hit 500,000 by May 16th!

The great Facebook race is back with a vengeance! Our Facebook community is growing at speeds even the best sniper can’t stop, so now is the time to push it over the top!

Your mission is to help us reach two new goals:

• 450,000 fans by April 18, 2011
• 500,000 fans by May 16, 2011

If we can achieve these goals, the prizes will be beyond your wildest dreams. We’re talking free Kalika Cases, Combat Arms hoodies and NX rewards!

Tell your friends. Tell your enemies! Tell civilians on the street to buck up and enlist today!


• 450,000 Facebook Fans by April 18, 2011

– 20 Facebook fans will win Codes worth NX 10,000 each, totaling NX 200,000!
– 25 Facebook fans will receive a Supply Crate MYST-Bravo!
• 500,000 Facebook Fans by May 16, 2011

– Login Event for a free Kalika Case!
– 10 Facebook fans will win a Combat Arms hoodie!
– 20 Facebook fans will win codes worth NX 10,000 NX each, totaling NX 200,000!

No guts, no glory soldiers.

Vindictus Like Event

When the gates of Rocheste opened, you faced new and exciting challenges. Now we have one more: to expand our dominion and create an army of Vindictus Facebook fans, 100,000 strong!

While our Facebook community is growing at a steady pace, we see potential for something even greater. It is time, mercenaries, that we truly make our presence felt.

— Our goal is to hit 85,000 fans by April 18, 2011. Should we meet this goal, we will remove the Token System entirely for a full month. Additionally, 20 random Facebook fans will receive NX codes totaling NX 200,000!

— Our final goal is to reach 100,000 fans by May 25, 2011. If we achieve this, mercenaries, you’ll receive an additional month free from the Token System, along with two double EXP & Gold events and 200,000 in NX giveaways.

Your participation also enters you into a raffle, in which 10 random Facebook fans will win a Razer Naga, MMO mouse!

Join our Vindictus Facebook page and encourage your guildmates, your friends and even your foes to do the same.

Everybody wins!

Be pro. Be a fan. Get some NX today!


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