[GMS] When Will Jump! Make Its Way to GMS?

Major content releases in the past year or two have been easy to predict, especially the biggest of them all, Big Bang, Aftershock and Chaos. The biggest releases come during the winter holidays in December and the summer holidays in July. Decent updates come in and around spring break or in celebration of Spring (mid to late March or early April). The fall months of September, October and November tend to have the smallest updates of the year. When Big Bang was released in KoreaMS in the summer of 2010 I knew exactly when it would come to GMS: December 2010. When in the autumn KoreaMS released some very interesting content such as the Lion King’s Castle and the Ultimate Explorers and when it was announced that GMS would update less often, it became clear that it would be all released at once during the Spring. Now Chaos has been confirmed for this Summer and I am predicting July to August.

Unfortunately, Jump! is not as easy to predict. MapleStory Jump! is a three-part update currently in the process of being released into KoreaMS. Although not nearly as big as the Big Bang or Chaos, Jump! still unleashes a truckload of new content into the game such as more class balancing and the Monster Park. It’s big, yes, but the timing of its release in KMS makes me question whether we’ll get it during the Winter, when we usually get these big updates. It’s a lot of content but most of it is skill changes, so localization and translation shouldn’t take very long. The Winter (December) is still 8 months away. Something tells me we’ll be seeing this before December.

Here are my predictions of when we’ll have big bang by. As with all multi-part updates, the chances listed are for the first Jump! patch only and do not take into consideration the other two updates.

October: 10%
November: 40%
December: 100%

Attention MapleSEA Players: Forget everything you know about MapleStory. Everything will change in 45 days.


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  1. hahaha its comming sept 28

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