This Month in Our Past: April

April has been a quiet month of the Global service of MapleStory, excluding the ‘New Creatures, New Features’ patch of 2009. Globally, however, past Aprils have been very eventful. Let’s start with Global MapleStory April events.

April 2006

Client Version Update: 0.20
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Wednesday, April 5, 2006

– Easter events

April 2007

Client Version Update: 0.37
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Wednesday, April 18, 2007

– Korean Folk Town
– Death of Channel 20

It was April 2007 that channel 20 was removed from all game servers. One of the least popular towns of Maple World, Korean Folk Town, was also added.

April 2008

Client Version Update: 0.53
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Wednesday, April 2, 2008

– Maple Trading System (MTS)
– April Fools Dress Up
– Easter Event

The all important Maple Trade System (MTS) was added in April 2008 as GlobalMS players prepared for the launch of the anticipated Showa which would follow in May.

April 2009

Client Version Update: 0.67
Game Update Name: ‘New Creatures, New Features’
Game Update Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2008

– Master Monsters (3rd and 4th Batches of Area Bosses)
– New Party Quest features
– Inventory Window Improvements
– Quest System Improvements
– Free Rides For Airships
– Map And Monsters Spawns Adjustments
– Bug Fixes
– New Quests
– Easter Events
– Family System
– Monster Book
– Remote Gachapon Coupon

The New Creatures, New Features update is definitely one update I will ever forget. This patch was the first patch in a series that is still ongoing that took us from getting content around a year after KoreaMS to now, when we get content between three and seven months after, depending on the size and holidays. Since April 2009 only a few patches (like September 2009) have disappointed us where size of content being added is concerned. V67 saw the addition of the master monsters, family system, monster spawn adjustments, the monster book and several other important features that will forever affect MapleStory.

New Creatures, New Features Discover the secrets of the many MapleStory monsters! By hunting various monsters and collecting their dropped cards, you can view detailed information about each foe-drops, location, HP/MP, origin and more! You can collect up to 5 cards from each monster, and activate different effects. These effects include: more experience, more mesos as well as speed/jump boosts-it's different for all regions! Activate the Monster Book by pressing B on your keyboard and start collecting cards today! Click here for more details Are you brave enough to defeat all five and be called the master of master monsters? Read the hints and find your way to the appropriate city to begin your adventure! Faust-Arwen of Ellinia informed me that she was recently attacked by something resembling a giant monkey. In attempting to investigate what happened, I encountered others with knowledge regarding Arwen's attacker. They told me a story of a creature lurking in the forest, summoning zombies, and how it had originated. Zeno-The Omega Sector may be coming to an end without aid. Amongst the Alien Grays is Zeno, the most powerful of them all. I found that due to his low intelligence, he was once controllable. However, he has since turned to a path of destruction, even destroying his own kind. Speak to Dr. Kim and he will guide you in your quest to return the Omega Sector to safety. Dyle-I have heard of a monster in the swamp regions, reachable through the sewer system of Kerning City.I always believed that there was a large crocodile in the swamp, but until recently, I was unsure of its authenticity. JM of Kerning City told me that it's possibly an evil scheme to place Kerning City in danger. Deo-Sirin in Ariant has told you a rumor about a bounty that is being offered. The rumor is about a monster named Deo. Deo, supposedly a powerful and ferocious   monster, is destroying the desert near Ariant, and to stop this monster from wrecking the desert any further, a bounty has been offered. Timer-The clock tower has become a breeding ground for monsters. Ludibrium is in danger of being overrun by Timers. Last I heard, Ghosthunter Bob had a plan to save the land by reducing the number of monster eggs that hatch. So someone needs to find those eggs! Leviathan-A mysterious monster that roams the grounds of Leafre. Resembles something like a gigantic sea monster, and Horntail. Are you brave enough to face this mighty boss?

MapleStory got a new facelift! We have enhanced many features in-game that you'll just love! New features include, quest helpers, enhancements to the item inventory window, improvements to the party search, and more! Inventory Window - The inventory window size can be increased/decreased by clicking the 'Expand Inventory'/ 'Collapse Inventory' button on the top right.  (The +INVENTORY button at the bottom right will bring you to the Cash Shop to purchase coupons to access crossed out slots. Each coupon gives you 8 more inventory slots.) Click on the 'Slot Merger' button to stack the items with no empty slots in between. Once 'Slot Merger' function is executed, the same button changes to 'Item Sort'. This button allows you to sort same items together. Party Function - You can now search for party members on the same map as you via the 'Find Party Member' function. You can customize your search by the job and level of the parties needed. Your search will stop automatically once you find the specified number of party members. Start, pause and stop your search at your convenience at the press of a button. Quest Helper - Chain quests will be indicated with a different icon, and you can check the quest's chain order in the quest information window. A button that displays the quest giver NPC has been added in the available tab. In the quest helper window, a [Q] button that opens the quest information window has been added. Party Quest - Alert window pops up when a party quest that meets your level is available! Party quest information is shown 5 levels prior to the level requirement. Party quest history is listed in the quest window. Free Travel - Airship rides are now free from Victoria to Ossyria! Travel freely as needed!

Family System Create your own family! This is a great way to be a role model and mentor to the noobs, friends, relatives, siblings, strangers, and just about anyone! Pay it forward and be a mentor to Juniors. What is a Junior you ask? Well, a Junior is a character you'll be sponsoring, helping in his / her journey in MapleStory. If you take good care of them, you will be rewarded in many ways! Read this short guide on how to begin your own family. Family System STEP1-Find someone you would like to sponsor as a Junior. You cannot be more than 20 levels higher than your junior. STEP2-Once you have found a player to add as your Junior, press the 'Add Junior' button on the family window [Hotkey: F] or Family Pedigree. Once the person you've entered as the Junior agrees to it, that character becomes your Junior. Once you start adding Juniors, your Juniors can add their own Juniors. You'll only see family members that are up to 2 levels apart. You can only add up to 2 Juniors. STEP3-You will then become a Senior. As a Senior, you should support your Juniors and help them explore the world of Maple. Try to nurture them as much as you can, not just provide them with items and mesos. The better you take care of your Juniors the better Rep you will get. STEP4-What is Rep? Rep is a good barometer for how well the Senior takes care of the Juniors. How do you gain Rep? Well, the Juniors and family members that are immediately under the Juniors can boost your Rep by earning EXP and leveling up. STEP5-Once you get enough Rep, you can use your Rep to gain access to Entitlements.   Entitlements are special buffs that you can use to advance in game. STEP6-There is limited Entitlement usage per day. The usage count is refreshed the next day. Take an amusing Family Portrait with your new family! Send us a screenshot with your family, and you can win Maple Points! The leader will win a t-shirt, towel, and a plushie doll, and the rest of the family will win Maple Points. We¡¯ll choose the top three amusing and creative screenshots, so get started on your family!(Note: There will be a level requirement of 15 to be eligible for Maple Points.)

April 2010

No game update. The V84 patch added Dragon Master Evan on Wednesday, March 31, 2010. The 5th anniversary update took place on Wednesday, May 5, 2010.

Now on to international matters.

MapleStory made its world premier on April 29, 2003 when it was launched officially in Korea. This month KMS will be celebrating its 8th anniversary. Also launched this year was the European service of MapleStory. EMS was launched officially on April 12, 2007.


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