[AO] ijji Players Can No Longer Log Into Atlantica Online

If you haven’t already heard the innovative and successful free-to-play turn-based strategy MMO Atlantica is making the transition to Nexon America tomorrow, March 30, 2011.

For quite a while, NHN USA has been channeling Atlantica on their ijji portal. This means that although the operators of ijji (NHN USA) do not publish the game, users have been able to log into the game using their ijji account, ijji holds a few exclusive events and ijji gets a percentage of the revenue made off of the game.  The actual publishers of the game’s North American service are Ndoors Interactive, a subsidiary of Nexon Corp.

Nexon has decided that when the game makes its transition and comes fully into their hands, ijji will no longer channel it. Therefore, as of 5:00PM Pacific (8:00PM Eastern), ijji service of Atlantica has been permanently discontinued and the website is no longer accessible. Ndoors Interactive users will have until 10:00PM Pacific (1:00AM Eastern) on March 29 until their service will go down permanently as the transition maintenance begins.

ijji users will be able to convert their ijji Atlantica accounts to Nexon accounts on March 30, 2011 in order to continue playing the game. Ndoors Interactive users, however, will have the option to log into their game using their Ndoors account information until April 26, 2011. Following April 26, 2011 only Nexon IDs will be able to log in to the game.

As of tomorrow Atlantica Online’s game website will be atlantica.nexon.net.

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  1. Zach, I know you might not understand japanese but please, I have a request … I read at basil that JMS is getting an awsome patch .. it called something like HunterRoad … can ya please look into it .. and translate it to english 😉

    • It’s nothing too super special. Just a revamped monster book including a new card group which awards players with bonuses. There are also some new equips and new and JMS exclusive area bosses.

      • so JMS designed bosses .. or did the just like, took a pig, buffed it a little bit and made that a master monster ?
        and they also have new monsters drop cards .. but didnt all monsters exept masteria monsters dropped cards .. so they only added masteria drops.. and the bonusses are like 2x exp for getting the full cards of a monster ?

        • The bosses are original. They’re loosely based off of already existing monsters but they aren’t a copy or just a buff of the monsters. I’m not sure if any new cards were added. What happened is that you get points and level your monster book up depending on the number of cards you collect. For each level you get a stat boost and some other advantages.

  2. How do i conversion my ijji account to atlantica? everytime i do it it said wrong password or non-existing account

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