[EMS 0.69] Dual Blade – April 20, 2011

It has been announced by Nexon Europe that the Dual Blade class will be implemented into the game in the v69 update on Wednesday, April 20, 2011. Why v69 when EuropeMS is currently on v67? Because Nexon Europe also plans to a minor patch (v68) on March 30, 2011 to reduce the price of the Golden Temple packages available in the cash shop.

Please note that the release date of Dual Blades is not set in stone and the release can be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances during content preparations).

And remember MapleSEA, on May 18 everything will change.

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  1. IS it just me or is MSEA always teasing the players … like with DB, they announced it 3 months before the released !! and with BB, 2 months .. why ?
    its like saying : here little Bobby, I got your desert ready, but you can only eat it after you have sit still in your chair for 2 hours ….

    • Nexon America started teasing GMS players for Big Bang 3 months before it was updated. They’ve already started teasing for Chaos, 4 months before its release. I think all MS publishers tease early.

  2. kewinhochendorff

    i dont understand is the dual blade comming in

    19-21 april ? so when is the bigbang and mechanic comming ?

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