Facebook Fan Count for Popular F2P Publishers

The majority of publishers of online games have pages on Facebook that they encourage their users to become fans of. The number of fans a publisher has on Facebook can give an idea of how popular the publisher is. This method is not accurate, however, as not all of a publisher’s members may be Facebook members or become fans. Nevertheless, here are the number of Facebook fans for some popular free-to-play publishers.

Note: All statistics were taken from 7:06PM to 7:34PM Pacific on Monday, March 21, 2011.

Nexon America

Nexon: 10,241
MapleStory: 425,391
Mabinogi: 57,869
Combat Arms: 406,291
Dungeon Fighter Online: 54,804
PopTag!: 17,132
Vindictus: 77,772
Atlantica: 76,898
Dragon Nest: 6,093

Total: 1,132,491

Nexon Europe

Nexon Europe: 5,439
MapleStory: 14,964
Combat Arms: 67,075
Mabinogi: 6,913
Fantage: 4,756
Vindictus: 10,509

Total: 109,656

Perfect World Entertainment

Perfect World: 203,035
Jade Dynasty: 59,583
Ether Saga Online: 15,824
Heroes of Three Kingdoms: 5,824
Forsaken World: 33,617
Battle of the Immortals: 74,492
Legend of Martial Arts: 2,900
Rusty Hearts: 878

Total: 396,153


ijji.com: 69,188
A.V.A: 35,519
GunZ: 10,489
Soldier Front: 15,802
Genesis A.D: 21,890
Lunia: 7,301

Total: 160,189

Riot Games

Riot Games: 33,332
League of Legends: 428,609

Total: 461,941


gPotato: 6,575
Iris Online: 21,966
Flyff: 55,823
Luna Online: 99,262
Rappelz Online: 50,631
Aika Online: 34,481
Allods Online: 48,976
Tales Runner: 24,903
Prius Online: 22,013

Total: 364,630


Legend of Edda: 11,004
Shot Online: 2,505
Drift City: 5,536
Heroes in the Sky: 3,841
Asda Story: 2,747
MLB Dugout Heroes: 2,332

Total: 27,965


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    March 21st*

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