[DN] 3rd Nest Building Blog: PAX EAST II


This week: Dragon Nest at PAX II
Princess K: Hello again, Nesties! Lucius and I are back from PAX East and let me tell you, it was a huge success! Over 70,000 people attended, and we were a major presence! Our booth was one of the biggest! And it was so much fun presenting Dragon Nest to those of you who were able to come see us! I was having such a nice time that I wanted PAX to last forever and ever! Just look at all these people!


The Crowd!


The Lines to Play Dragon Nest!


The Bags!

Lucius: Seems to me I remember a young woman sitting on a chair rubbing her feet at the end of the day. I told you to pack sneakers, didn’t I?


Princess K: So my feet hurt a bit. That doesn’t mean you should be down in the mouth. Besides, I didn’t want to be outdone by the models! Weren’t they so beautiful in their costumes?


Lucius: Your job, Princess, was to help people play the game and hand out bags, not look pretty. Unlike you, I was working the whole time. I set up PC stations, manned them, answered questions, and gauged reactions to the game. People loved it. You know what that meant? A packed booth! All those people who lined up to play the game? I dealt with them while you tried to look pretty in those silly shoes.

Princess K: You’re just jealous because you have those big gunboat feet on the ends of your legs.

Lucius: And wasn’t I glad I had them too. Check out these pictures.  I braved the sub-zero Boston weather every day to get to PAX from my hotel on foot, all thanks to my trusty sneakers.

Princess K: You do know that Nexon would have reimbursed us for cabs, right?




Lucius: If you’ll excuse me, I need to have a word with Desmodius.

Princess K: Ignore Mr. Grumpypants. PAX was awesome and we loved getting out there to meet the fans. Our next stop is E3. E3! I can’t wait! In the meantime, check out what some of the people who tried Dragon Nest at PAX are saying:

Just like their previous free to play action game Vindictus, Dragon Nest brings action packed combat together with a fantasy environment that everyone will enjoy. It has a completely different look than most other games that are available.”


“The first thing I noticed about Dragon Nest was its art style. The game uses a charming, cel-shaded, anime-esque style and all of the enemies were pretty adorable as well.”


Dragon Nest may look cute at first glance, but it becomes readily apparent that the game requires a lot of skill to master. Regardless, players of any skill level should have a good time thanks to the interesting storyline, visuals and overall feel of the game.”


“The combat is pulse-pounding and visceral: characters get beat up, thrown onto the ground, and exploded.”



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