[GMS 0.96] The All new Guild System (Details)

While MapleStory has plenty of things to do by yourself, the best part of MapleStory is getting together with friends! That’s what guilds are for. A guild is a group of like-minded players who band together to experience the most epic adventures in MapleStory. They range from large “hard-core” guilds who have set schedules for Party Quests and take attendance at guild events, to more laid-back guilds that focus on socializing and hanging out. Whatever your interest, there’s a guild out there for you.

AfterShock will bring a host of changes to guilds that will make them easier to create, manage, and enjoy than ever before.

Cheaper and Easier

The biggest change that AfterShock brings to guilds is that they will now be much easier to create in the first place. Previously, you needed a party of six players that were each at least level 10 – and 1.5 million mesos! – in order to create one. Now you’ll be able to create a guild by yourself as long as you are at least level 10 and can pay the registration fee of 100,000 mesos. A start-up guild can also have 20 guild members, whereas previously the limit was 10. Crunching the numbers together, that’s a 94% savings when compared with the old system!

The registration fee isn’t the only guild fee that’s gone down. The price on guild emblems has dropped from 5 million mesos to 500,000 mesos — with one free deletion and do-over! When you get your first 20 members, expanding beyond that number is also cheaper.

Guild Expansion Cost Old cost New Cost
Expansion #1 (30 members) 3.5 million meso 1 million mesos
Expansion #2 (40 members) 5 million mesos 1.5 million mesos
Expansion #3 (50 members) 5 million mesos 1.5 million mesos
Expansion #4 (55 members) 5 million mesos 2 million mesos
Expansion #5+ (5 additional each) 5 million mesos 2 million mesos
Better controls

One of the most exciting elements of the new system is a way to track how successful your guild is (and compete with other guilds) through the new “guild points” system. Guild points are earned by specific guild members doing the kinds of things they do anyway. Training, leveling up, going on Party Quests, and all kinds of other activities contribute guild points to a guild. Even better, guild points are tracked by individual guild member. Now you’ll know how much each member is contributing to the health of the guild. Additionally, if an individual leaves, he or she takes those guild points with them and can contribute them to a different guild.

The guild interface has been redesigned to make running the guild much easier. One helpful addition is a guild ranking system that allows a guild leader to assign ranks for high-contribution members. The current guild master can also assign the role of the guild master to another member should he or she decide to step down.

Better benefits!

The best reason for joining a guild, however, is what you can spend those guild points on – guild skills!

Guild skills are only available to guild members. They can be purchased from the guild menu by any member and are available for the entire guild to use. When the purchased skills expire, they can be extended for a small fee.

Check out some of the skills available!

Increased ACC/Avoidability Rate
Increased EXP rate
Increased Speed and Jump
Increased DEF and Magic DEF
Increased ATT / Magic ATT
Increased Critical Rates
Periodic Guild Support (special potions will be provided every Monday!)

A new NPC has also been added to each major town in Maple World. Her name is Lea and she’s the Guild Task Coordinator. She’ll get you to the Guild Headquarters in no time!

Guilds are better and stronger than ever! Get together with your friends today!


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  1. So zach, you and the other testers got to test the AFTERSHOCK update ?

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