[DN] 2nd Nest Building Blog: PAX EAST

Welcome, Dragon Nest fans! I’m Desmodius, the Lead Producer for Dragon Nest. We wanted to keep you updated on the progress of the game. The thing is, two of my Associate Producers wanted to handle this blog. So I decided to let them work on it together in the hope that the two of them might somehow balance each other out. If nothing else, it’s an hour a week where I don’t have to deal with either of them.

— Desmodius

This week: Dragon Nest at PAX

Princess K: Hey, Nesties! We’re back. It’s another “Nest Building” with me, Princess K, and my delightful blog partner, Lucius! Lucius is in “Extra Grumpy” mode today because he’s getting ready to fly out to Boston for PAX East. If you’ve never heard of PAX, it’s a massive convention for video games and geekdom in general! We’re going to be there at Booth #536 where we’ll be showing off the game and getting to meet some of you! <3333333

Lucius: Hmm. Why am I grumpy today? I mean it’s not like I have to leave sunny Southern California to freeze my butt off in Boston. Oh wait, that’s exactly what I’m doing! But hey, at least I’ve got these awesome M15x Alienware laptops with me. Oh, that’s right. These aren’t mine. I’m schlepping these “I-can-never-afford-them-on-my-salary” beauties out there to give away for free. So yeah, my world is sunshine and rainbows. How’s yours, Princess?

Princess K: It’s sunshine and rainbows, Mr. Grumpypants! Come on! We’re going to have 36 demo stations, including some Alienware Aurora stations. We get to talk to our fans about Dragon Nest. We’ll be giving out bags and other great schwag! We might even get to play with our future dragon slayers! And I bet you’re dying to hang out with the beautiful models in these sexy Argenta and Archer outfits!




Lucius: Sure, Archer and Argenta are sexy, so guess where they’re going to be? That’s right – in a 2-yard radius around Desmodius! While you and I work off our tushies, our Fearless Leader gets to parade around with the developers giving interviews and accepting party invites. You want to know where the chicks are at these things? Look for the well-dressed guy with the manicure who looks like he’s never worked a day in his life. That won’t be me.


Princess K: Stop it, you silly! Anyway, you don’t need chicks. You have a lovely wife at home!

Lucius: You mean “she who must not be named”? Please. I’m gonna be on my feet all day long dealing with chaos while Desmodius does interviews and Q & A sessions. Ironically, that’s actually better than my honeymoon, but it still doesn’t make it right that I do the work and Des gets the glory (and chicks!).

Princess K: You are such a silly goose! I’ve met your wife. She was lovely!

Lucius: She had morphed into human form.

Princess K: Anyway… If you’re going to be in Boston between March 11 and 13, come see us at PAX East! Try out Dragon Nest on some Alienware Auroras! You can grab cool schwag like t-shirts and bags, and enter giveaways to win awesome prizes like those M15x Alienware laptops!


And if you’re the type who enjoys salt in your coffee, sand in your eyes, and other general discomforts, you can talk to Lucius!

Lucius: And if you’re the type of person who thinks a sugar sandwich is a good way to start the day, you can meet Princess K! See you in Boston.


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  1. i LOVE THIS BLOG it;s always sooooo funny, tobad its fake and princes K isnt really so hyper active (okay maybe she is) but Lucius wont really be like that .. and ofcourse the arguments they have while typing the blog are ofcourse fake, but its still so much fun, i really laughed out loud at some times .. haha

  2. thanks for all the news about dragon nest on this blog btw 😀 I check everyday hoping there will be more info about the release D:

    I wish I could have gone to PAX east 😦

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