[AO] Atlantica Transfer to Nexon America Begins

I’m sick so it may take me a while to respond to comments and post the latest news.

It was announced last year that the Global English Atlantica Online team had transferred to Nexon America. Now this transition is going a step further as the announcement of the transfer of Ndoors accounts and Gcoins to Nexon America accounts and NX has been made. The account transfer period for Ndoors users will be from March 22 to April 19, but ijji users will be required to transfer their accounts on March 22 to continue playing the game.

For the transfer announcement click here.
For a Q&A and more details click here.

This will remain as the Global English service, meaning that any region without a local service (Europe included) will be able to log in through Nexon America. The Global German and Global French services have recently been taken over by Nexon Europe. The Global Portuguese service will soon be taken over by a publisher that I have never heard of before, Ignited Games. This leaves Ndoors publishing only the Spanish service, which I have a feeling will be transferred to a new publisher soon.

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