[BPBB] Blabber Box Mini

The next full episode of the BlockParty Blabber Box won’t be coming until the end of March but as mini episode has been released!

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Posted on March 1, 2011, in New Leaf Saga/Blabber Box. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. I did the survey they provided and said they should have an episode about every month. I think that’s their plan right now but end of March? 😦

    • i was hoping for a febraury one … hmmm.. and i LOL’ed so hard when i saw that dude … you know with the beard and black curly hair .. before he was all nice and clean, with no beard and brown hair, but now he looked sooooooo funny with his beard and black hair xD

    • I think that since they’re still collecting feedback from the first episode thing are a little slow for now. They’ll probably go to having one every month (as they originally said they would) soon enough.

      • i like it .. i especialy like the rants and raves … now if they would adress some serious issues, and not just some minor issues … i was hoping for them to adress the hacking in the x-mass tree, but instead they told a rant about some messo exploid .. or something


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