[EMS] Dual Blade is Coming

It is likely that Europe MapleStory will receive the Dual Blade in their next game update, as the announcement of the Cash Shop Wish List event hinted.

2nd Call for MapleStory’s Cashshop Wishlist has been made!

Surf through the net, gather your brains with you friends, talk it over with your Maple buddies
as to what kind of cash shop items you and you friends would like to have for possible updates.

The following log won’t open up for long!
Starting today, Feb. 21st ’till Monday, Feb. 28th, only for a week so submit them A.S.A.P!

Wait! Hold on for a sec.!
There are some rules you need to follow in order for your wish to be legit
for consideration and/or possible reflection!

Following are the requirements:

1. All wished items submitted MUST RELATE WITHIN THE FOLLOWING TOPICS:
– Dual Blade
– Easter
– Queen’s Day

things that haven’t yet been released in MapleStory Europe.
(Be sure to mention which Maple server you’ve got the idea from!)

* Remember! This doesn’t mean that you can create and submit your own ideal item!

3. Must require a NAME OF THE ITEM.

4. Must require an IMAGE OF THE ITEM.

Click if you don’t know how to insert an image to the assigned forum.

Remember! Not all of your wonderful ideas will be reflected into future releases,
therefore, you’ve gotta be discreet with your decisions!

Happy brainstorming!

-MapleStory Europe Staff-


Posted on February 27, 2011, in International MapleStory, Prediction, Update. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. YAY now EMS is getting closer and closer to BIG BANG so if i get banned from GMS for any random reason, then i can always start in EMS and recreate my DB .. i hope that EMS is making their own original begining for DB, just like TMS did, maybe it was another server, but i mean that server that launched DB and evan at the same time, genious

  2. EMS is the second by next to the BMS to be *LAST* updated of all servers.
    Big Bang was released last year… maybe tomorrow, always maybe.

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