[NXiN] Nexon America Opens Nexon iNitiative 2011

If you follow Nexon America, chances are you’re aware of the massive $1 million funding project aimed towards indie development studios that Nexon America hosted in 2010, the Nexon iNitiative. The first Nexon iNitiative which took place in 2010 saw 115 applicants from 27 countries in 6 continents. Only two of these applicants, Antic Entertainment in Canada and One2Tribe in Poland, were selected. These two independent game development studios have earned a share of over $1,000,000, have their game co-developed by Nexon, signed a publishing contract with Nexon America, and will have the honor of their game(s) being globalized through Nexon’s massive global distribution channel.

Following the success of the first program, Nexon America has announced the second Nexon iNitiative. As last year, independent studios looking for some funding and a publishing agreement with Nexon America, have until April 30 to submit their applications.

If you’re an independent game developer interested in joining in on the Nexon iNitiative, see its website here. This website will tell you almost everything you need to know, and if you need to know anything else you can always contact Nexon America.


Posted on February 23, 2011, in Nexon America, Nexon Initiative. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. cool, so nexon is giving 1000000 dollar to developers, to make a new game … and produce it under then Nexon game portal stuff … awsome, so we are getting some awsome new games in a couple years at the nexon portal 🙂

  2. am i the only one who, right after reading the title, thought of the dharma initiative from LOST?

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