[GMS] Pride and the Fall: The Tale of Von Leon

Five people sit in comfortable leather chairs arranged in a semi-circle. The youngest examines an ancient piece of frayed cloth. “What is it?” he asks them. His clothing marks him as a Thunder Breaker.

The Night Walker among them raises his voice. “It’s a Cygnus Knight crest torn from a tabard. It was found many centuries ago atop the body of Ifnia, Queen of El Nath.”

The Thunder Breaker laughs. “There is no kingdom in El Nath,” he says.

The Blaze Wizard replies, “The story is that El Nath was supposedly the home of the Red Lion King, Von Leon. He was the first ruler to pledge himself to the Black Mage, and he launched an attack on the rest of Maple World. The Cygnus Knights fought back and eventually pushed him back to his kingdom. Rather than surrender, he cast a spell that supposedly killed every citizen of El Nath, turning them into ghosts and animal demons, and hid the kingdom away forever.”

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  1. I like it how NExon America makes up its own tales .. like with the reisistance, about that letter found by “Dances with Balrog”, then the mechanic information, and now Von Leon … awsome 🙂
    and I think its smart of them to add the Cygnus in the story, cause maybe during the next story they talk about how the Empress got transformed by the black mage (Chaos)

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