[DN] New Dragon Nest Trailers!

Here are two recently released trailer for the highly anticipated upcoming next-generation action MMORPG, Dragon Nest from Nexon America.


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  1. Nexon, probably blocked the IP for other countrys like most of their games exept maplestory.

    Only US and Canada can play this game, too bad! FFFUUUU! I want play Dragon Nest!

    • Do you really think that Nexon would block the game if they were given the choice not to? More service regions=more revenue and a larger playerbase. So think for yourself instead of listening to what others say, there must be a reason why Nexon IP blocks certain regions from its games.
      Firstly, Dragon Nest uses a peer-to-peer system so if one person has a bad connection to the server, everyone associated when that person is negatively affected. It could also be a license limitation where another publisher has publishing rights for Europe or Nexon America just received rights for publishing in North America. Nexon wouldn’t IP block Europe or anywhere else for no reason.

      • im IP blocked and i understand, cause if they wuoldnt IP block, lets say, europe, then most europeans would play GMS, and EMS would be dead, and then EMS would shut down like vietnam or was it brazil… but i really dont like the fact that my acc wil get deleted as soon as i get banned, even if its a 1 second ban … this happand to an account a friend gave me, his account got deleted, or un-login-able

  2. THe 2nd trailer uses MS Music, and at the end the logo and SFX effects don’t match.

    Tsk tsk tsk.

    • It’s true!
      Damned nexon buy a new song and put it in your game trailers! they put the song from Leafre – Dragon Nest just for name -.-

      • I don’t get what the big deal is. They like a song that the have the right to and they used it in another trailer. Nothing wrong. It would have loved it if they would have created another song specifically for Dragon Nest, but it’s not that bad really.

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