[EMS v67] Crimsonwood Keep, Golden Temple

EuropeMS has been waiting for one of the greatest additions to Maple World for a long time, and they are finally getting it in their 0.67 game update. The amazing Crimsonwood Keep is here! This latest update also includes the Return of the Explorers “explorer balance patch” and the theme dungeon of Golden Temple.


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  1. Nexon apologizes for the inconvenience that will be made,
    and thanks you for your kind patience and complete understanding in advance.

    woah nexon europe appologizes for an announced patch .. woah they are truly treating their players as kings and queens.

    tobad this place will be lamost useless when Big Bang arives for a training spot..
    Does EMS has haunted mansion with jesters ?
    And another thing, remember when we got balance patch, and 1 month later (1 week beofre event of adventurer ring was over or something) DUAL BLADE arrived.. maybe eMS wil get DB soon too, since they are 8 months behind us with all other jobs (look at Evan) .. so DB would be a perfect fit for march, cause we got it june, hell they should actualy get DB february to fit in the 8month delay

    • Nexon America also apologizes for scheduled maintenances. EMS has both Haunted House and Haunted House II, and, of course, now Crimsonwood Keep.

      • i understand what you mean. But does that mean that GMS and EMS both are the only two versions that have jesters as permanent monsters, cause if i remember correctly other versions only had haunted mansion as an event, or am i super wrong here ?

        • I not 100% sure but I think that you’re right. GMS and EMS both have Haunted House II, while the other services only have the event Haunted Mansion. I actually think that MSEA is the only service to have Haunted Mansion who has implemented the expansion content such as jesters to make it Haunted Mansion II.

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