[MSU] Nexon America’s Q1 2011 Approval Rating Poll

**Voting ends on Friday, February 25 at 3:00PM Pacific (6:00PM Eastern).**

Current: 65.38%


It’s the first Monday of the second month in the quarter. You know what that means! It’s time to get an idea of how the community has been feeling Nexon has been doing for the last 3 months. From now until Friday, February 25, you guys can vote on whether you approve or disapprove of Nexon’s current performance. If you’re left without an opinion on Nexon there’s an option for you too!

How has the Big Bang update to MapleStory, Big Pop in PopTag!, the achievement system in Combat Arms, Mabinogi’s Shakespeare update, DFO’s Kiss of the Gun update and the addition of the Blood Lord in Vindictus affected the community’s opinion of Nexon?

Here a reminder of the results in previous polls:

And a reminder of the rest of this year’s approval rating dates:

Quarter 2: May 2 to May 20
Quarter 3: August 1 to August 19
Quarter 4: November 1 to November 19


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  1. Big PoP made me lol….
    Who’s your (Poll) daddy

  2. What the heck, 70+% approve of how Nexon is running things?!

    They must be all the hackers running rampant cause no sane person would think Nexon is doing a good job at the moment.

  3. msupdate :I think that Nexon is doing a good job right now, and trust me, I’m completely sane.

    watch out anonymouse, people that tell you they are sane, actualy ARE sane. But I think Nexon is doing a good job, but im only looking at what content they bring in, not at their customer service

  4. There havent been many problems lately so naturally short memoried people will approve.

    • 1. I’ve been playing for nearly all of the time that this service of the game has been open. I don’t have a short memory, but I approve.
      2. It doesn’t really matter what happened in the past. This approval rating poll, as well as the ones IRL are based on what the company is doing now, not the past.

      • i was about to say the same… its about how they are running the past weeks / months, not how they are running the past 5 years .. these are polls to be taken from time to time, to compare, and see how people reacted to certain (new) stuff nexon brought in

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